IoT solutions

Secure IoT solutions

Workz have been recognised by many market commentators as one of the leading global solution providers in IoT security driving the secure deployment of smart devices and applications faster and easier than ever before. We are one of only six providers certified by the GSMA in production, personalisation, and remote provisioning of eSIMs guaranteeing full security, interoperability and future-proofing of devices.

IoT SIM and OS from eSIM provider | Workz Group

eSIM chip & OS

From chip and OS to bootstrap and operational profile development to data management and SIM personalisation, we provide a full, certified eSIM offering for your connectivity needs.

eSIM connectivity

As a leading eSIM and M2M SIM provider, we enable device manufacturers and IoT providers to get eSIM connectivity in a matter of weeks with network profile development, SIM applet development, device and network compatibility testing and secure data management. 

M2M eSIM provider offers eSIM chip for connected devices | Workz Group
eSIM remote provisioning by IoT solutions provider | Workz Group

eSIM remote provisioning

Utilise a remote SIM provisioning platform that provides Over-The-Air update capabilities to any eSIM device that allows manufacturers, network operators and service providers to remotely manage subscriptions with an extremely efficient low-cost, pay-as-you-go model with no setup costs, equipment or other CAPEX expenses required.

Connectivity management

With M2M connections set to soar to nearly two billion by 2024, connectivity management platforms are the best way to manage your SIM devices out in the field. Whether across different systems, vendors, countries or networks, our platform helps you drive new efficiencies and insight through real-time tracking, billing and management of your IoT devices via their SIMs.

Connectivity management from IoT solutions provider | Workz Group
IoT solutions provider offers network security | Workz Group

Network security

Mobile IoT opportunities utilizing next-generation networks such as 4G and 5G are expected to be worth $10 billion by 2025. As connectvity needs evolve from voice and SMS to data for smart devices such as meters, healthcare, cars and airports, transmissions over cellular networks will become increasingly more sensitive and valuable. As a consequence, the protection of these devices and their data from a growing number of never-seen-before threats becomes vital.

IoT device management

With 25 billion connections worth 1.1 trillion dollars by 2025, IoT devices for smart cities, energy, transport, agriculture, factories, and smart robotics will provide enhanced insight, efficiency and flexibility leading to greater revenue opportunities for businesses. To realise this value with a platform designed to maximise the potential of their devices and their data.

IoT device management platform from Workz Group
QoS management with IoT solutions provider | Workz Group

QoS management

Utilising the reliability of the SIM card, Z-QoS for IoT is a SIM applet that gives IoT providers greater confidence in their quality of experience.