Guarantee your IoT QoS

According to the GSMA, by 2025 there will be over 25 billion IoT connections worth around 1.1 trillion dollars. Many of these will rely upon high-speed network connectivity in order to perform life, mission or business-critical operations for IoT enterprise sectors such as emergency services, point of sale (POS) devices, smart nations, and connected cars. The value of connectivity to these businesses is immense; for example, emergency service first responders will require highly-reliable network performance in the event of an incident to provide data such as accident location, patient monitoring information and medical history. With network QoS you have a clear picture of actual connectivity and performance in real-time allowing you to ensure your IoT application services are fit for purpose and can deliver with your Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

How to monetise quality of service with Workz Z-QoS

QoS management for IoT devices with Workz Group

Get quality assurance you can rely on

Z-QoS allows IoT providers to understand the quality of experience (QoE) on your network. Utilising the reliability of the SIM card, Z-QoS for IoT is a SIM applet that gives IoT providers greater confidence in their quality of experience by remotely gathering, measuring and acting upon real-time data.

  • Gain insight on quality of experience
  • 360-degree real-time monitoring of all network aspects such as coverage, latency, throughput and bandwidth
  • Updates configured to send every X minutes
  • Push alerts/warning sent to user or dashboard
  • Updates collated into an aggregate SLA Key Performance Indication (KPI).

Get insight into your IoT operations

Z-QoS management enables IoT providers to gain a competitive advantage:

  • Build end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) scores
  • Collect and smartly aggregate traditional KPIs into actionable intelligence
  • Understand connection trends and optimise performance
  • Identify issues with devices, networks and configurations
  • Understand the geo-locational network coverage
  • Track the device lifecycle
  • Protect against SIM fraud with alert on removal of SIM card from the device or use elsewhere

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