Product features

Workz product features QR code

QR code

QR code PINs provide users a faster and easier method of activating a PIN such as adding credit.  Supporting apps can provide multiple language options plus additional services include SMS, e-mail, balance transfer.

Z-Ghosting by Workz Group


Digital ghosting injects a new dimension to your printed materials allowing users to connect to plethora of online content. By scanning the ghost links via their smart phone users can discover videos, FAQs, promotions, or even their nearest store.

Workz product features Extra Panel

Extra panel

Add another dimension of excitement to your product with additional scratch panels for sales-boosting games or promotions such as scratch and win.

Workz product features tear off


Tear off flaps allows user to conveniently tear-off and keep essential content.

Workz product features Scratch tool

Scratch tool

Reduce overscratch complaints in markets where customer knowledge and supply of suitable non-sharp scratch tools such as coins are low.  This built-in feature provides the user with a tool for easily removing a scratch panel and is conveniently designed as part of the product and easily detachable by tear-off.

Workz product features Ticket stub

Ticket stub

The ticket stub offers a detachable area with useful serial information that allows for greater verification in production, distribution and retail.

Workz product features Euroslot


The Euroslot hang tab is ideal for retail product display, providing a robust method of hanging your product on display hooks in order to display more products in less space.