Scratch and win project

eSIM provider, Workz' CSO, Robert Varty chats with CommsMEA

The project conceptualised by Workz helped Vodafone differentiate its value proposition.


Vodafone’s partnership with Workz Group started seven years ago, at the time of their launch in Qatar, and have since developed many industry-first products.  The successful, long-standing relationship was formally recognised earlier this year with Workz being presented with the ‘Best Experience Support Partner’ award by Vodafone Qatar in recognition of its contribution to the operator’s service excellence.  Together the two companies have hit a number of milestones in innovation, inventory planning, sustainable practices and supply chain management resulting in reduced expenditure and increased revenue.


To boost product sales in a competitive marketplace, Vodafone wanted to enrich the user experience and add a greater level of brand engagement to what had become a fairly utilitarian experience for a subscriber adding credit to their account.


Together Workz and Vodafone redefined the recharge card product, the traditional PIN delivery device by introducing interactive game elements.  Vodafone was able to transform the customer’s basic commodity experience of adding phone credit to something that connected much more deeply with subscribers in the form an added-value product that enhanced their brand relationship.  The scratch and win feature was added to both traditional voice and SMS recharge cards as well as data recharge cards, which are, particularly, popular within Qatar.


Implementation of the solution
Adding the scratch & win game to the recharge card meant the product having two scratch panels rather than one.  One protecting the actual face value PIN of the recharge card and the other scratch and win panel representing a possible prize.  The scratch and win promotion offered prepaid subscribers a range of premium and low tier instant prizes to provide a high-win ratio to ensure subscribers were highly engaged and a strong feeling of positivity was created.  As the majority of prizes were operator airtime this meant they were essentially selfregulating, rendering the cost of prize administration for the operator was minimal.  The 15 grand prize winners were asked to redeem their prize at Vodafone stores.


Outcomes and inferences
The scratch and win promotion resulted in a significant increase in product sales.  Bigger gains were seen on cards of higher denominations.  Subscriber interest and excitement in the product was increased through the new feature and proved that even in a digital world, people still enjoy the touch and feel element of a game.  Incorporating scratch & win features on recharge cards is now a growing trend by operators as they seek to develop an enhanced brand experience in a highly competitive market.


Results have shown that data recharges are particularly well-suited for this type of promotion as product demand is relatively elastic. Given this and the fact that data demand is growing annually by 27% with the MENA region, it represents a strong area of potential growth for most operators.


Innovation is one of the key pillars of Vodafone Qatar.  We are always looking into new ways to bring innovation to our products and services taking into consideration the end customer experience.
Asim Mirza, Customer Operations Director, Vodafone Qatar


At Workz we strive to redefine traditional products by delivering innovative and added-value solutions that overcome market challenges and make a difference to our clients’ businesses.  Working closely with Vodafone Qatar, we’ve been able to revitalise recharge sales through the introduction of the scratch and win feature.  The campaign brought to life a product that highly engaged with its subscribers and boosted the brand and revenue.
Robert Varty, Head of Sales, Workz Group


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