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As the telecoms industry builds for the future it is important to have a SIM provider that supports the evolution of your business with secure, interoperable, future-proof solutions. Furthermore, many connectivity providers are increasingly looking at realising new efficiencies by partnering with a recognised yet more local SIM provider who does everything in-house nearer to source rather than the older traditional SIM providers who rely on multiple, faraway third-party suppliers that severely impact the supply chain time and cost. With Workz you can excel on all fronts.

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Enjoy a new breed of SIM solution

As a world top 10 SIM card manufacturer certified by the GSMA for UICC & eUICC (eSIM) secure production and data personalisation, we adopt a highly secure, cost-efficient, integrated approach. From profile development and technical support, secure data management and production to packaging and fulfilment, we provide a complete SIM solution under one roof without having to rely on remote third-party suppliers removing unnecessary costs and enabling you to get the highest quality product at the most competitive prices within the quickest delivery times.

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Workz SIM offering

Having been tried and tested in over 70 countries, Workz provides a complete SIM solution for all your requirements.

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Connect more sustainably

Following international best practice and being ISO-certified for environmental management, Workz has been increasingly implementing sustainable operations and solutions for clients in over 70 countries. From sustainable alternative products and materials, to recycling, energy-saving and lowering emissions, Workz can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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Virgin Mobile MEA eliminates single-use plastics

SIM explained

Learn all you need to know about our SIM range; the forms factors, the types, their performance and much more with our SIM explained tech sheet.

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