Virgin Mobile adopts EcoSIM to propel its sustainability 

Virgin Mobile EcoSIM | Workz Group


It is estimated that at least 14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, impacting fragile ecosystems. With approximately 6 billion SIM cards being produced worldwide each year that consist of tens of thousands of tons of plastic the telecoms industry is a significant contributor to global plastic waste.


To address this issue, Virgin Mobile MEA consulted its long-term partner of twelve years, Workz, with whom it had introduced a series of initiatives over the years to reduce its environmental footprint across its full supply chain.


Virgin Mobile EcoSIM | Workz Group
Virgin Mobile EcoSIM | Workz Group

Virgin Mobile MEA, with two brands across four countries in the Middle East, adopted a leading role in addressing the plastic issue in telecoms by becoming one of the first mobile network operators in the region to adopt a biodegradable SIM card for its subscribers.

Biodegradable SIM card | Workz Group

Workz EcoSIM is made from an oxo-biodegradable plastic it breaks down into tiny pieces and degrades in a landfill in just 18-30 months. This offers a significant improvement when compared to the estimated hundreds of years normal plastics take to decompose. The new SIM offering for Virgin subscribers supported the operator’s company commitment to become carbon negative.

Rob beswick | Workz Group

As consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, the onus is on companies to innovate and introduce sustainable alternatives to ensure a collective effort towards building a better future. Our new sustainable SIM cards are another key step in the right direction.
Rob Beswick, Managing Director for Virgin Mobile UAE

Tor | Workz Group

We’re delighted to have achieved yet another market-first with Virgin. We are currently seeing a sharp rise in interest from network operators worldwide for more sustainable alternatives such as biodegradable SIMs and eSIM – this can only be a good thing. What this project with Virgin demonstrates is, that with a dynamic, forward-thinking approach, just how quick and significant the impact can be.
Tor Malmros, CEO for Workz

Benefits of Eco SIM

Learn more about how telcos can provide subscribers with more sustainable SIM offerings. 

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Virgin social media launch campaign | Workz Group
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