Multi eSIM Hub (MeSH)

Unlock your eSIM platform

When it comes to managing eSIMs, most telcos are limited by closed platforms that prevent integration with additional partner systems and require costly duplication to provide multiple tenant capabilities. Workz Multi eSIM Hub (MeSH) gives your existing eSIM management platform enhanced capabilities with the freedom to manage multiple tenants, platforms, sites, and sales channels all with optimal efficiency and scalability from a single unifying solution.

How MNOs can overcome the challenges of traditional eSIM management with Workz MeSH

Comparison Multi eSIM hub vs Traditional eSIM management

How does MeSH help?

Multiple tenants | Workz Group
Multiple tenants
Multiple platforms | Workz Group
Multiple platforms
Multiple sites | Workz Group
Multiple sites
Multiple sales channels | Workz Group
Multiple sales channels

Who can use MeSH?

Telcos with multiple vendors | Workz Group
Telcos with multiple vendors
Telcos with vertical specialists | Workz Group
Telcos with vertical specialists
Telcos with resellers | Workz Group
Telcos with resellers
Telco groups with multiple entities | Workz Group
Telco groups with multiple entities

Unified eSIM management

Multi-tenant eSIM management solution from Workz Group

MeSH features

Multi eSIM Hub (MeSH) solution provides you with the following capabilities:
Multi eSIM hub dashboard | Workz Group

Why MeSH?

Multi eSIM Hub (MeSH) is a platform available with a range of cloud and onsite hosting options that provide you with highly advanced capabilities:

Competitive advantage | Workz Group
Competitive advantage

Enhance your market competitiveness with a platform-agnostic, interoperable solution

Redundancy | Workz Group

Ensure continuity with enhanced system redundancy and geo-redundancy 

Efficiency | Workz Group

Get the fastest and most affordable solution to manage all tenants’ eSIMs

Unlock your platform eSIM management and supercharge subscriber growth with Multi eSIM Hub today. Reach out to a Workz technical consultant to learn more.