Get IoT connected (Prezi 2/2) – Our M2M offering

Our M2M offering


We can help you capitalize on this new market with a highly-secure and cost-efficient connected solution that includes everything you need from:

• Chip and OS

• Connectivity & remote management

• Secure data & hosting

• Integration and support

Let’s take a closer look.


Chip and OS Workz provides eSIMs from leading chip manufacturers in both embedded and removable formats as well as various grades of chips that meet operational use and lifespans.

We also provide:

• A highly-advanced SIM OS

• GSMA-certified secure data generation and

• SIM personalization.


Connectivity & remote management

Wherever your device is in the world, we can provide it with local connectivity to ensure the most reliable and cost-efficient connectivity solution. In some cases, you may need multiple network options to provide connectivity redundancy to ensure fail-safe network connectivity.

Once your devices are out in the market, Workz also offers remote management services, also known as remote SIM provisioning, that enables you to efficiently update your connectivity and switch between mobile operator networks as required.

We can further enhance usability with intelligent SIM apps and connectivity management. Our Smart Network Switching app can automatically select a network connection based on set criteria, such as signal strength or tariff rate, saving you time and cost. Whilst our Quality of Service monitoring app helps you get a clear picture in terms of the reliability of your network connections. To add to this, our connectivity management platform allows value-added insight on your devices with real-time data on things such as device location, usage and settings. With Workz you can drive new efficiencies and value through real-time tracking, billing and management of your devices.


Secure data & hosting

So how do you keep your data safe and secure?

GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme ensures that providers adhere to stringent security standards across the eSIM lifecycle, specifically its production, data personalisation, and subscription management.

With a fully compliant certified eSIM solution we provide three key benefits:

1. Increased security

2. Interoperability across systems and devices, and

3. Future-ready solutions that work with tomorrow’s technologies

Furthermore, our platform hosting and managed services offer the most cost-efficient and quickest option to go live.


Integration and support

We provide even greater value by using extensive APIs for seamless integration into your existing core systems as well as comprehensive maintenance and support.


So how can you get started??

The development and launch process comprises four simple steps:

1. Technical drawings and test samples

2. Evaluation of concept

3. Proof of concept testing and

4. Market launch.

In as little as 10 weeks, we can take your IoT project live.


Take advantage of the power of IoT with a highly secure eSIM solution, with one of the most competitive pricing models and some of the fastest times to market.

Get in touch with a Workz technical consultant today.

Make it work, make it Workz.

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