How eSIM 2.0 can help telcos with Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH)

As the first open multi-tenancy eSIM solution, Workz’s Multi-tenant eSIM Hub enhances a network provider’s existing eSIM platform helping grow their sales channels and multi-source multiple vendors. The online plug and play systems requires no integration and offers a suite of advanced profile management capabilities, self-care for each tenant, and point-of-sale activation codes for end users.   

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Multi-tenant eSIM-Hub

As a network provider, imagine if you could enhance your eSIM platform? 

Giving it special powers such as  

  • eSIM orchestration capabilities to manage eSIM devices across all sectors from Consumer, to M2M to IoT. 
  • Multi-tenancy to manage multiple tenants whether that’s multiple vendors, multiple sales channels, or your customers’ customers.  
  • Save time by letting your tenants manage themselves with our tenant self-care feature  
  • Grow your eSIM sales channels so you can grow your subscriber base  
  • Multi-source eSIM vendors so you can maximise competitiveness and ensure business redundancy  

Workz’s Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) is the first interoperable open eSIM solution that overlays a telco’s existing eSIM management platform enabling them to manage multiple tenants, sales channels, and platforms all with optimal efficiency and scalability from a single interface. 

It also offers full eSIM lifecycle profile management possessing smart automation features to significantly save on administration time such as  

  • Consolidated reporting and real time tracking. 
  • Intelligent profile delivery, that matches a profile to a device on-demand. 
  • Batch release of profiles  
  • A rule manager that can automate tasks such as profile distribution ratios. 
  • And streamlined development of multiple profiles with generic profiles. 

It is a pure plug and play offering that requires no integration and can enable point-of-sale activation codes to be sent straight from the system.  


It even comes with a full customisable interface so you can brand it how you like. 

Everything is fully protected with each tenant’s data protected by server partitioning in adherence with GSMA security protocols. 

It is a fully future-proof solution regularly updated in line with leading industry standards 

So unlock your eSIM platform now with MeSH 

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