How to get IoT M2M connectivity





Make your devices smarter

With IoT M2M connectivity (pron: eye-oh-tee, em-to-em)


We give you everything you need from SIM chip

and OS

To connectivity and remote SIM provisioning


Our range includes


Industrial and

Automotive grade chips

In embedded or removable form


Withstanding tough temperatures

Built to stand the test of time

Holding everything you need

Delivered in moisture-protective packaging


With a highly-advanced, secure SIM OS designed to enable provisioning of multiple network profiles on any device. 

Plus complimentary profile development and testing, data preparation, and over-the air provisioning services.


All compliant to leading global standards meaning full interoperability

And easy integration with existing systems.


So connect your devices to a smarter future

With Workz M2M connected solutions

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