Hybrid eSIM management solution (Prezi)

eSIM is now a mainstream technology. The number of providers offering eSIM subscriptions has increased 10-fold in just the last 18 months and now covers over 60 countries worldwide.

With 2 billion devices expected by 2025, eSIM brings mobile connectivity to a far wider range of devices across both consumer and industrial sectors.

So how do network operators take advantage of this opportunity?

Workz enable over-the-air remote management of subscriptions on all eSIM devices. As one of only six providers in the world to be certified by the GSMA to manage the complete eSIM lifecycle across both the consumer and M2M markets we guarantee a secure, compatible and long-lasting solution to your current and future requirements.

We have a proven track record of enabling network operators, OEMs and service providers to establish themselves in this growing market.

Traditionally, to be able manage eSIM devices across all sectors you would need two different solutions to cover both the ‘pull’ consumer and ‘push’ M2M models. This meant two project implementations, two systems to maintain and two sets of investment.

Workz’ hybrid eSIM management solution is the future of remote SIM provisioning. It is the next generation of provisioning platform supporting multiple use cases across both consumer and M2M/IoT verticals. With Workz you can simplify eSIM management with one solution, one fast, simplified project set up and one low-cost.

So, what do you get with Workz?

Workz’ hosting options include a cost-efficient, ready-to-go cloud platform certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme.

And for those who wish to have an onsite set up, whether to centralise operations under one multi-tenant platform or comply with in-country data laws, we offer a full turnkey solution with consultancy on certification. This enables you to fast-track the launch of your own GSMA-certified onsite platform within as little as six months.

On top of this, we offer a full end-to-end range of services to support you and your platform. These include:

Comprehensive profile development as well as device and network compatibility testing.

HSM secured data and key management services.

SIM applet development to further enhance usability such as our Smart Network Switching app that can automatically select a network based on set criteria. Or our Quality of Service monitoring app that helps you get a clearer picture of network performance.

Remote SIM provisioning and data preparation services allowing you to efficiently make Over-The-Air updates to profiles.

Extensive APIs for seamless integration into your existing core systems.

An entitlement server that enables advanced management of operator services on the device and is also required to remotely provision eSIM companion devices such as the Apple Watch.

Plus, comprehensive maintenance and support customisable to your requirements. All our packages include remote technical support as well as eSIM and system training.

So, there you have it, we offer a highly secure solution with the most cost-efficient pricing and fastest time to market available.

Connect today’s and tomorrow’s IoT devices with ease with Workz hybrid eSIM management solution.

Ask one of our technical consultants for a free proposal today.

Make it work, make it Workz.



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