Common issues operators face with suppliers & how to avoid them

Did you know that the minimum cost to a network operator for a single customer service complaint is $1? When dealing with such large volumes these costs can soon add up.

Here are the top 4 most common issues that operators face with suppliers and a guide on how to avoid them.

by Richelle Wiley – Chief Operations Officer

Number 4 – Secure shipping

The aim is to ensure risk-free transportation of goods that fits the requirement therefore focussing on the climate, the handling methods, etc.

Number 3 – Stock-outs & late deliveries (Demand Planning)

Through effective demand planning and direct control of freight forwarding, stock outs or late deliveries can be avoided.

Number 2 – Missing or mixed up data labels

During fulfilment, data can be electronically paired to ensure that corresponding items are matched correctly. Likewise, in packing, advanced serial tracking systems can ensure the correct boxes are in the correct parent container in the correct order with the correct label.

And number 1 – Missing products

Advanced quality control and verification systems enable each product to be tracked through each stage of production, fulfilment and packing to ensure every product reaches its final destination.

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