Upgrade to eSIM IoT with Workz

Learn how you can significantly reduce the time and cost of your IoT deployments whilst enjoying a greater choice of networks and wider market reach.

Grow your enterprise business by taking advantage of the GSMA’s eSIM standard for IoT, SGP.32, with Workz’s eSIM IoT solution.

Learn more about Workz’s eSIM IoT remote manager, visit https://www.workz.com/esim-and-sim/iotremotemanager


With the advent of the GSMA’s new standard for IoT, Juniper Research expects a 900% increase in eSIM IoT connections by 2026

The trouble is solutions compliant with SGP dot 32 are expected only to be available from 2025 or later

So should you wait?

Can you afford to wait?

Upgrade to Workz’s eSIM IoT remote manager

And take advantage of eSIM IoT now

Manage today’s devices using Consumer SGP dot 22 profiles and tomorrow’s devices using IoT SGP dot 32 profiles as soon as compliant solutions become available – all with a single platform.

Enjoy an unlimited choice of network profiles from any operator in the world

With only an activation code required and no operator integration necessary

Cut the time and cost of your IoT deployments

Expand your market reach to constrained devices such as those with batteries or no user interface

and improve your remote management capabilities with push and pull control

Workz allows you to save time and guarantee service levels by automating profile tasks.

These include

intelligent hands-off device management to address changing conditions such as location or signal strength

Easy handling of bulk volumes with device tags

And recycling of unused or redundant profiles with automatic inventory clean-up.

Future-proof your business with a solution that enables you to seamlessly transition between today’s dot 22 devices and tomorrow’s dot 32 devices.

Upgrade your IoT future, upgrade with Workz eSIM IoT

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