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With the introduction of the new IoT standard, we are seeing an increase in demand by device manufacturers and IoT providers for embedded SIMs for their products. In light of this and to support your readiness for this fast-growing market, Workz offers fully GSMA-certified production and data personalisation of a wide range of embedded modules. Get an overview of Workz’s module range, their form factors, chip types, and operational capabilities.  

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The GSMA’s new eSIM standard for IoT devices will dramatically change the M2M space. Juniper Research is predicting an explosion in eSIM adoption in IoT with a 900% increase in eSIM connections by 2026.  

Workz offers fully GSMA-certified production and data personalisation of a wide range of embedded modules that comprise of strong, lightweight micro formats that can be integrated directly on to the motherboard. 

Module chips are available in Classic, Industrial and Automotive grades depending on the operational requirement.  

These provide: 

  • High durability: resistant to shock and extreme temperatures ranging from minus 25 to 105 degrees Celsius 
  • High longevity providing a lifespan of up to 25 years and up to one million rewrites  
  • High capacity up to 2MB and 
  • High performance with a powerful but lightweight SIM OS 

All modules are protected in high-tech vacuum-sealed packaging complete with a humidity indicator. This provides anti-static protection and MSL-1 anti-moisture resistance meaning the chips stay perfectly dry and do not have to be re-baked once opened.  

Each stage of module packing is data labelled from reel to bag, to inner and outer boxes to ensure fast and efficient tracking during transit and storage.   

In addition, Workz offers full compliance with all leading standards and responsive technical services with profile and applet development, as well as OTA capabilities and much more. 

To complement these embedded modules, Workz offers a cloud-based eSIM management platform to give you the complete eSIM solution. 

So grow your enterprise business  

with Workz eSIM IoT 

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