What’s new in Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0 and MeSH enhancements?

Get ready for the future of eSIM management with Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0 and Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) enhancements that bring new features, a user-friendly interface, and faster functionality.

A cleaner design means effortlessly managing the growing number of eSIM devices, profile types, and sales channels. Customisable QR codes elevate branding and in-page summaries streamline navigation. Performance is boosted for quicker page loading and dynamic searching and redesigned dashboard screens and graphs offer insights into product categorisation, inventory levels, and sales channel burn rates. This update, effective 22 October, is part of Workz’s ever-evolving Cloud eSIM PaaS solution.

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Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0

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