Unlock your eSIM platform with Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH)

As the first open multi-tenancy eSIM solution, Workz’s Multi-tenant eSIM Hub overlays a network provider’s existing eSIM platform(s) by providing plug-and-play eSIM orchestration capabilities for all consumer and M2M/IoT devices with no integration required. MeSH helps network operators grow their sales channels by multiple tenants, sales channels, and platforms –MeSH offers intelligent profile delivery, on-demand profile personalisation, point-of-sale activation codes, self-care for each tenant, and the streamlined development of multiple profiles.   

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Enhance your eSIM platform​ with Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (animates to) – MeSH​ 

eSIM orchestration​, manage all devices​, manage multiple channels ​and vendors​ – all from one place​  

Full profile management​: Intelligent delivery​, consolidated reporting, batch release​, streamlined development of multiple profiles​ 

Multi-tenancy management​: add tenants, tenant self-care, full data protection 

Plug & play​: no integration required​, send QR codes directly from system​, customisable interface​ 

Grow your eSIM channels with MeSH. Learn more hello@workz.com 

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