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Boost airtime sales with secure, low-cost recharge cards

Mobile phone recharge cards provide an easy, cost-efficient prepaid method of enabling subscribers to utilise air time and data, and for mobile network operators to realise revenue. Despite us living in an increasingly digital world, has shown that people prefer the simple physical interaction of a recharge card than other more complicated virtual forms of airtime activation.  As the world’s leading scratch card manufacturer, we print the most advanced and most secure recharge cards available with innovative value-added features to ensure the best recharge card experience for mobile subscribers.


Switch to Macwhite today

Workz Macwhite 2.0 is a technological breakthrough in the scratch card manufacturing performance developed by our R&D lab technicians. Our Macwhite scratch cards are proven to deliver market-leading results in over 60 of the most demanding markets in the world meaning end-users enjoy a rewarding, hassle-free recharge experience every time.

  • Effortless ease of scratch for easy PIN retrieval
  • 25% stronger over-scratch protection to significantly reduce market complaints
  • Razor-sharp PIN definition for optimal use
  • Impenetrable tamper-proof panel to protect against fraud
  • Sleeker, lighter and more durable to reduce freight and warehousing costs and increase stock life

Scratch card security features

  1. UV Varnish
  2. Overprint
  3. Composite silkscreen
  4. Composite overscratch shield
  5. PIN or HRN
  6. Macwhite panel
  7. Micro-text
  8. Anti-counterfeit artwork
  9. Ghost watermarking
  10. Serial no. + barcode
  11. Dense, high-durability, PEFC card
  12. Ultra-sonic sealed packing

Increase recharge cycles and airtime usage

Create excitement with engaging scratch and win games as an additional element of your recharge cards. With proven results in terms of increased revenue within a matter of days, we can help your cards become a sure winner.

Learn how we boosted Vodafone Qatar’s recharge card revenue within just one month with scratch and win.

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Make subscriber recharge even easier

Add QR code PINs to your recharge cards for an enhanced user experience:

  • Faster and easier top up
  • 2nd recharge option: reduces call centre inquiries
  • Increases traffic to self-care app
  • App support & integration into your current smart app.
  • Differentiates brand & create buzz

Get the world’s best delivered in half the time

As the world’s leading scratch card manufacturer for the past three years, our facilities employ advanced encryption and inline verification systems for comprehensive protection of all sensitive data,  artwork and scratch panels.  Furthermore, with our high-speed recharge card printing press, able to convert raw materials to a finished product within 90 seconds, we are capable of producing over two billion cards per year meaning network operators with large volume requirements can enjoy a high-quality product at lower costs and faster delivery times than any other recharge card supplier.

Learn more about our scratch card secrets

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Get our recharge card catalogue now

Discover the most secure and cost-efficient recharge cards available.


Get our recharge card catalogue now

Discover the most secure and cost-efficient recharge cards available.