Instantly customise profile batches

A photo of the Workz cloud eSIM management platform open on the batch profile personalisation page

Workz continues to improve your eSIM management with further developments with Workz’s cloud eSIM 2.2 update, which goes live on 2 April. This update will enable you to personalise multiple eSIM profiles efficiently and provide insights into your profile history.

A gif showing how users can personalise eSIM profiles in bulk using the Workz platform

Personalise profiles in bulk

We’ve expanded our on-demand personalisation feature to handle multiple profiles in one go, saving you time by allowing profiles to be customised in mass rather than individually. All the data can be uploaded to one CSV file to modify a group of profiles. 

On-demand personalisation enables you to customise profiles by redefining parameters and metadata values, enabling real-time changes such as subscriber premises network (SPN) branding, roaming lists, and emergency calling codes.

A screen from the inventory page of the Workz cloud eSIM platform which shows the history of each profile by device

See how profiles are used

You can now track usage patterns via the inventory page, which will provide a history of the devices that have used a particular profile. 

To learn more about how Workz cloud eSIM can enhance your platform, manage multiple sales channels, and save time on profile management, or request a free demo, please use the contact button below

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