How telcos can implement strategies for eSIM IoT and consumer success

Workz CIO Edwin Haver, in a blue jacket, discusses the eSIM market and strategies for telcos with Counterpoint

Workz is featured in an interview with Counterpoint Research, a leading mobile industry analyst firm, looking at telcos’ evolving challenges in the eSIM market in light of the GSMA’s upcoming eSIM IoT standard (SGP.32). 

The interview with Workz CIO Edwin Haver explores key considerations for successful eSIM implementation in the IoT and consumer sectors. 

Discussion topics include:

  • How telcos’ eSIM demands have changed
  • The benefits of eSIM IoT for telcos
  • What to expect from the eSIM IoT landscape
  • Key considerations for successful eSIM IoT implementation

Discover how Workz can help operators navigate these challenges and unlock the potential of eSIM. Watch the video below.

Unlocking eSIM success for telcos: strategies for IoT and consumer markets

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  1. I’d like to know more about what’s up to come in 2024/25 regarding eSIM/iSIM/ISIM management!

    1. Hi Diego, Many thanks for your inquiry – yes we believe we can definitely assist here and would love to discuss it further. If you could kindly fill out our ‘contact us’ form from the “Get in touch” button below then one of the team will be in touch.

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