Handle rising eSIM volumes without increasing admin time

Workz cloud eSIM dashboard screen with new users created

Workz continues to improve your eSIM management with further developments with Workz’s cloud eSIM 2.3 update, which goes live this week. With the rising volumes of subscribers and channels, this update will enable telcos to save time and resources when onboarding devices and users and exporting inventory reports.

Onboard users faster

Expedite onboarding for colleagues and customers by creating a duplicate of predefined roles and permissions for a new user. It saves manually inputting the common data with only the personal data, such as name and email address, to be added.

Workz cloud eSIM edit user screen to duplicate roles to speed up onboarding

Block devices in bulk

Whether there is a need to block problematic devices or avoid repeatedly sending an activation code to devices, this bulk blocking feature simplifies the restriction of devices accessing the network by uploading all eIDs in a CSV file.

Workz cloud eSIM page blocking devices in bulk by uploading eIDs in CSV file

Improved inventory status reporting

Share custom-generated inventory reports filtered according to designated criteria by downloading them as CSV files for easier analysis or import into another system.

Workz cloud eSIM platform how to export and download custom Inventory reports in CSV file

To learn more about how Workz cloud eSIM can enhance your platform, manage multiple sales channels, and save time on profile management, or request a free demo, please use the contact button below.

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