Manage eSIMs quicker and easier with new-look Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0

Cloud eSIM 2.0 solution and Multi-tenant eSIM Hub by Workz the first open eSIM management solution

Workz continues to give you a competitive advantage in eSIM management with further developments to our cloud eSIM platform and Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH). The plug-and-play overlay system enhances your current eSIM platform functionality and enables multiple sales channels to be easily managed from one place.

Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0 is here. Our brand-new interface with an enhanced user-friendly format and new features makes eSIM management even faster and more convenient. The cleaner, streamlined design simplifies finding, managing, and understanding eSIMs and channels as the number of eSIM devices, profile types, and sales channels grows.

Areas such as Customer (previously “Instances”) and Product (previously “Profile Types”) sections have been revamped, making it easier to create and manage new users, sales channels, and product inventory. Users can also elevate their branding by adding logos to their activation QR codes.

More features, easier to use

Workz’s Cloud eSIM enables operators to add their logo to their eSIM activation codes

Enhancements to usability and functionality make finding information faster, with tasks such as product inventory and product details now providing in-page summaries, displaying all the information in one place. Performance has been boosted to allow quicker page loading, the introduction of a dynamic search enables users to filter information faster, and new mouse-over features provide the instant option of additional information whenever required.

Finally, the dashboard screens and graphs have also been redesigned to make it easier to review key insights, such as products by device type, inventory levels and burn rates by sales channel.

More insights in one place

Workz’s Cloud eSIM 2.0 updated dashboard new screens and graphs make reviewing essential insights, like product categorisation, inventory, and sales channel burn rates easier.

This update went live on Sunday, 22 October for all Workz cloud eSIM and MeSH users and is part of our continually evolving Cloud eSIM PaaS solution. If you’d like to learn how to get the most out of your eSIM platform by getting enhanced market insight and streamlining administration time, then arrange a demo of Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0 today by reaching out using the contact button below.

What's new in Workz Cloud eSIM 2.0 and MeSH enhancements?

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