Which eSIM provider gives telcos the most value?

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Workz has been identified by Counterpoint Research’s recent industry report as offering telcos more capabilities than any other eSIM provider, ranking “highest in terms of the completeness of products and solutions.” It also recognised Workz’s Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) as standing out “as an important innovation.”

Get the most from eSIM with Workz

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So why was Workz awarded these accolades and what do they mean to network operators?

Everything a telco needs for eSIM success

The Counterpoint report on the eSIM industry is the most comprehensive evaluation of vendors in this key, fast-growing sector for telcos. Ranking eSIM providers according to the capabilities available to telcos the report hailed Workz as offering the most complete solution. 

Spanning a broad range of criteria, the report’s evaluation is intended to support telcos to make an informed decision when selecting their eSIM partner. Workz stood out among traditional players, achieving perfect scores in compliance, security, interoperability, entitlement, and analytics.

Why Workz is first for eSIM

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“This recognition highlights the value of Workz’s comprehensive suite of eSIM services that enable operators to enhance their eSIM management whilst saving them time and resources by partnering with a single provider. The acknowledgement of MeSH as a key innovation is a testament to Workz’s strong product development and our ability to offer a highly compelling roadmap of solutions to continually add value.”
Tor Malmros, Workz CEO

Go live in weeks not months

An important area where Workz claimed the top spot is its speed at which it helps telcos launch eSIM. As a leader in cloud eSIM, Workz’s plug-and-play platform and highly supportive technical team simplifies the deployment process and ensures that a telco can go live within a much shorter timeframe than with other market players.

“Workz has demonstrated to deliver POC as early as in less than two days and complete deployment in seven to 10 days. The average time taken ranges from three to six weeks vs traditional players which could take several weeks or even months.”
Counterpoint Research

What does “the most complete solution” do for telcos?

With a true end-to-end service, Workz provides you with more eSIM management capabilities than any other provider. Offering a suite of cloud eSIM services ready for immediate plug-and-play deployment from a choice of regional hosting hubs, you can enjoy unrivalled control and efficiency managing your eSIMs.

Let’s take a closer look at just what Workz offers:

01_Channel management_03
Channel management

In the high-growth eSIM consumer and M2M markets, we believe that there will be an increasing number of MVNOs, private networks, and enterprises catering for various requirements. To address this evolution, Workz enables telcos to manage all these parties from one place. What’s more, your channels and customers can manage themselves with our self-care feature which allows them to handle their own profiles, get reports, add their own branding, and even create new users so you do not have to worry about overseeing your customers or your customers’ customers. All this saves considerable time, cuts administration, and facilitates quick onboarding of new customers.

Profile development
Profile development

With eSIM, telcos’ needs have evolved to many different profile types to cater for various end-users and sales channels. This uptick in profile types makes it critical to have an efficient development process. Workz’s profile wizard is an automated profile creation tool that significantly cuts development time and all costs associated with data generation, profile development and testing. With automatic profile creation, testing, approval, version control, and archiving, reliability is increased and the risk of error is reduced.

Profile management

Workz enables you, your sales channels and enterprise clients to easily manage all your eSIM profile types, whether individually or in bulk, through their entire lifecycle. This includes approvals, activations, and archiving along with enhanced insight on users and the device type for each profile and reports on all your profile activities. The module also allows you to set automatic distribution ratios between channels, and pre-assign specific profiles for devices based on parameters such as the mobile country code.

Shopping Cart Graphic
Order management

Online order management cuts the administration of ordering profiles and reduces the risk of mismatching input files with profile types. Inventory tracking and email alerts notify you when supply levels are low and require top-up, advising on top-up volumes based on burn rates, cutting the risk of profile stock-outs for you, your sales channels and enterprise clients. In addition, this is supported with automated consumption analysis reports and a statement of accounts detailing everything. Ordering can also be delegated to tenants such as sales channels and enterprise clients, so they can manage their own ordering saving you administration time. This module also provides data management features to facilitate the transfer, verification, and generation of data as well as profile approvals and provisioning.

Profile delivery
Profile delivery

Intelligent profile delivery increases reliability and saves administration time as by automatically identifing the correct profile to be downloaded based on the device and it’s eUICC capabilities. In the case of a subscriber attempting to download an eSIM profile to a 5G-capable phone, the system will automatically detect the device’s capabilities and dynamically generate the correct 5G profile based on your defined rules. In the event the device does not support 5G, an alternative predefined profile such as a 4G profile would be delivered.

Workz also allows you to change things in real-time with on-demand customisation of the profile template stored in the SM-DP+ by redefining parameters and metadata values. This enables changes to the profile such as network name (SPN), roaming lists, and emergency calling codes before it is downloaded by the device.

With the ability to print or email activation codes to subscribers directly from the system you can easily manage your points of sale. Workz also offers a range of discovery services including GSMA eSIM Discovery, Apple Lookup, Samsung Discovery, and custom options.

Profile Value-Added Services | Workz
Profile VAS

Profile Value-Added Services include a range of SIM applets and OTA capabilities such as Smart Network Switching, a Multi-IMSI solution that can automate the selection of network over-the-air via a SIM applet depending on your roaming or redundancy requirements.

IoT remote management | Workz
IoT remote manager

This provides advanced push and pull management capabilities to manage profiles and settings for IoT devices including constrained devices. It can operate at great scale and is capable of managing several billions of devices.

And if that wasn’t enough Workz also provides additional options that include:

  • A complementary cloud entitlement to activate companion device subscriptions
  • Embedded SIM module production and personalisation for all IoT use cases
  • eKYC to enhance the user onboarding experience

All this enables providers to move faster to opportunities grow their eSIM subscriber base, enable their sales channels and reduce the time, cost and resources spent on eSIM management whilst increasing the reliability of service and reducing the chance of error.

Learn more about how to get the most from your eSIM management with Workz’s cloud eSIM services, officially, the most complete and innovative eSIM solution available. Get more information or request a demo by reaching out to Workz today.

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