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Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz Group, in PackagingMEA

Workz Group has launched what it claims is the world’s smallest SIM operating system, offering its clients further value-adding opportunities.

Dubai-based Workz closed 2016 by revealing its reconception of the SIM card through developing:

The world’s most advanced SIM operating system: Z-OS.  The OS is the smallest and most optimised SIM OS currently available on the market with it being approximately 40% smaller than other SIM OS. This gives network operators greater opportunity to add value-added services and revenue-generating features to their subscriber SIM cards.Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz Group

After being soft launched in May Z-OS was tried and tested in various markets, said Workz in its announcement on 14 December. The system was developed to enable a range of features with secure and reliable over-the-air management of applications.  It complies with leading international SIM standards defined by ISO, ETSI, 3GPP, Global Platform, Oracle Java card, SIM Alliance, and the GSMA as well as its proposed eSIM specification, according to Workz.

The Z-OS is designed to be compatible with both Java and Native products and is offering in several chip sizes from 32k to 256K and available from all leading chipset manufacturers: Samsung, Infineon, EM Micro, etc.  It is also interoperable with all network technologies: 2G, 3G, CDMA, and LTE, said the company.  Z-OS is offering in conjunction with Workz latest SIM offering the 3-in-1 seamless half SIM which uses only 50% of the plastic of a traditional SIM card and works in any handset by allowing the user to select which SIM module size to push out.

The Z-OS is a significant technological advancement which allows us to provide network operators with more customised applications on the SIM card to engage subscribers. But he also stressed how the technology emerged from wider investment in the Workz facilities in Dubai. The investment we have made in our Dubai SIM facility has enabled us to provide the highest standards of security, reliability, and performance in every aspect of our full SIM solution from development, manufacturing, and product delivery.  Furthermore, with everything produced under one roof we are also able to provide extremely competitive turnaround times.Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz Group

Established in 1997, Workz a leading security printing and serialised product management specialist.  The company provides SIM cards, scratch cards, retail packaging, and the optimisation of the end-to-end supply chain as well as the development and management of applications such as Workz’ Z-OS operating systems and Z-OTA provisioning services for mobile network operators and telecom technologies.

Workz has forged partnerships with over 60 mobile network operators and wireless device manufacturers delivering over 1.5 billion products each year across Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Workz Group’s partnership approach received a strong endorsement in March with an official recognition from Vodafone Qatar. At its 2016 CXO Awards ceremony in Doha, Vodafone presented Workz with a ‘Best Experience Support Partner’ award.  Over a partnership dating from 2008, Vodafone Qatar and Workz have jointly developed many innovative products for the telecoms industry.  In 2015, the companies pioneered the introduction of a scratch and win promotion for the operator’s recharge cards, bringing a revenue boost.

Workz’ packaging smarts also featured in the launch of Vodafone Qatar’s “first-ever dual country telecoms plan”, launched at a VIP London event with an exclusive gift box designed in collaboration with Workz.

During their nine-year partnership, the companies have also brought to market ‘smart’ recharge cards that allow users to quickly add phone credit by scanning a QR code with their smartphone.  Other projects include an enhanced demand planning and optimised inventory management which resulted in logistic savings of USD500,000 and more environmentally friendly transportation methods that reduced the operator’s CO2 footprint by over 92%.

The success of a business can be summarised into three Ps: product, process, and people,” said Mirza.  “At Vodafone Qatar, however, we have four and the fourth ‘p’ is a partner.  For the past nine years, there’s one partner who has been a key to new product launches, loyalty programmes, green initiatives, and cost optimisation.  They have been very instrumental in implementing and bringing into market innovative ideas to make Vodafone Qatar the first.  We were the first operator to develop QR Codes on a recharge card; the first to launch a scratch and win card concept and first to launch environmental friendly SIM packs in the region.  They also never fail to amaze us with their flexibility in delivering orders at the shortest turnaround time possible.  Their work ethics and the quality of service provided enable us to give the best customer experience.  Workz is not just our vendor but they have been our partner in writing our nine-year success story.Asim Mirza, Head of Commercial Operations, Vodafone Qatar

SIM card manufacturer, Workz Group's all in one SIM

Workz secure all-in-one packs

We’ve been working periodically with Workz since our launch 12 years ago and every time we visit Workz facility we see something new,” said head of logistics Akram Al Balushi.  Being our provider for SIM card packaging, they have recently helped us migrate to a secure all-in-one pack, which allowed us to reduce our collateral and timelines by printing the user information and data directly on the pack.  They deliver high-quality products within short timelines which are of utmost importance to us.  We appreciate all the work that they put in developing our products, and we look forward to our continued partnership.Akram Al Balushi, Head of Logistics, Ooredoo Oman

Workz has been our preferred partner for over 10 years,” said Ahmed.  “The team maintains high standards of professionalism and it’s always a good experience to see the work that goes behind developing our products.  They helped us migrate to more environmentally sustainable materials that reduced both our carbon footprint as well as our lead-times.  Currently, they are producing our SIM packaging with built-in scratch panel that protects the user’s mobile number.  Branding is a key element for Batelco, and as such we are very happy with the consistent brand colours achieved by Workz during printing.  Their team maintains the high-quality standards we demand through rigorous product quality control and testing.  We’re also very happy with their prompt product delivery and turnaround time.  All this has given us the confidence to continue to work with them in developing new and more advanced products.Amal Ahmed, Manager Mobile Postpaid and Roaming, Batelco

Workz has been our long-term partner in producing and delivering innovative products for the past 7 years,” said Kareem.  They have helped overcome some of our market challenges using the latest technology for products such as the secure all-in-one pack which prints user information and data directly on the pack itself saving collateral time and expense.  In addition, they have proven to be extremely efficient in shipping our products as per our required schedule.Kurdonya Kareem, Senior Communication and Branding Specialist, Asiacell

Headquartered in Dubai Production City, UAE, with operations in the Middle East Workz has a regional Southeast Asia office in India and production partners in the UAE, India, China, and Taiwan.

SIM card manufacturer, Workz Group's press operator oversees artwork

Workz press operator overseeing artwork verification

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