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The number of new cellular-connected devices isn’t just increasing — it’s growing at an exponential rate across the globe. And with a projected five billion of these devices estimated to be in use by 2021 (up a full billion from just 2019), mobile network operators will quickly need to manage a new range of devices across their subscriber base.

Entitlement server - Rising number of cellular-connected devices worldwide| Workz Group

With an entitlement server, service providers can best prepare themselves to manage this influx of next-generation mobile devices and introduce new services as well as manage over-the-air (OTA) configurations for service settings all with enhanced authentication. An entitlement server enables operators to generate greater revenue by connecting companion devices, expanding their businesses into emerging markets as well as offering new value-added services that enrich quality of service and reduce subscriber churn.

Increase ARPU today and expand into emerging markets tomorrow

As cellular IoT connections will reach five billion by the end of 2025, an increase from 1.3 billion by the end of 2019, there is a growing need to manage subscriptions for more and more consumer electronics such as tablets, laptops, health trackers and wearables.

By employing an entitlement server now, MNOs are strategically positioning themselves to incremently increase their average revenue per user (ARPU) year-on-year. As more consumers get their hands on a new generation of connected devices, operators can use an entitlement solution to activate their subscriptions via the remote eSIM provisioning of these companion devices such as wearables like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear.

Entitlement server - Current companion devices from leading manufacturers | Workz Group

Current companion devices from leading manufacturers

In addition to just companion devices, advancements in technology and consumer demand are powering new breed of mobile devices with emerging markets such as the wearables and consumer electronics sectors growing steadily. Operators are already seeing a need to manage more and more connections (and their related settings) and an entitlement server answers this need by giving them full control over services and their settings which are traditional managed from the device. An entitlement server streamlines subscriber authentication and OTA configurations by allowing the operator to manage all these elements from one single server.

More devices = more ARPU

Entitlement server - Various companion devices sectors | Workz Group

Various sectors of companion devices 

An opportunity to introduce new services and better QoS

Aside from being able to connect companion devices and manage service settings, an entitlement server enables new services such as multi-SIM, Vo-LTE and RCS.

Multi-SIM offer operators another fantastic opportunity to increase their average revenue per user (ARPU). As subscribers are expected to use on average nearly four connected devices by 2023, this breeds a natural need for users to have single number across all devices to simplify their experience and there are already some strong case studies demonstrating an uptick of 20-30% on ARPU from this service.

Multi-SIM solutions from Etisalat | Workz Group

Etisalat’s multi-SIM offering

Other next-generation services that can be enabled by an entitlement servicer that enrich the user experience and increase subscriber loyalty include Voice-Over-LTE (Vo-LTE) which offers a distinctively clear and crisp calling experience and Rich Communication Services which, dubbed “SMS on steroids”, offers a radical step up from SMS campaigning with use cases showing engagement nearly 20 times higher.
Entitlement server - Next-gen services: VoWiFi and Rich Communication Services | Workz Group

Next-gen services: VoLTE & Rich Communication Services

Increase your opportunities without the heavy capex hit

A major benefit of Workz’ Z-Entitlement solution is its extremely efficient pricing model. Pay-as-you-grow by design — and minimal setup, integration and implementation costs, or other capital expenditures. We believe it will fast become the go-to solution for operators in search of an effective, affordable and scalable entitlement server.

Entitlement server - Why choose Z-Entitlement | Workz Group

Future-proof your business with an entitlement server

With our Z-Entitlement service, the future of MNOs and MVNOs is looking bright. Increase your revenue, improve your quality of experience with an immediately deployable onsite or cloud hosted entitlement server. To get started with Z-Entitlement, or for more information, get in touch with a Workz technical consultant today. 

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