Are you 5G ready?

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Where in the world is 5G?

There are currently 378 commercial 5G networks in the world with South Korea leading the way. 

Top 10 countries and the number of cities ising 5G | Workz Group

When will 5G really happen?

4G is, presently, the most used network technology across the globe but the GSMA believes that, by 2025, 1 in 5 cellular connections will be on a 5G network. 

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Which sectors are best for operators to monetise 5G?

Ericsson predicts that by 2030, network operators and service providers stand to gain up to $700 billion from 5G-enabled business-to-business (B2B).  

5G B2B opportunities for MNOs by share and growth rate | Workz Group

What will 5G be used for?

As markets and technologies evolve, 5G will be used to capitalise on more and more connected opportunities. 

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Protecting against risk 

Throughput of sensitive data will increase significantly on 5G networks and the integrity of this data must be central to every operator’s 5G strategy. The GSMA’s SIM standardisation helps achieve this by outlining strict regulatory standards to ensure the right combination of security, compliance, and interoperability across existing and future systems. 

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As a GSMA SAS-certified secure SIM provider let Workz help you evolve your 5G strategy.

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