CommsMEA Top 50 Suppliers Guide 2016

eSIM provider, Workz' CSO, Robert Varty chats with CommsMEA

Workz was featured in CommsMEA Top 50 suppliers.  Here’s their write-up of us.

Workz Group is a leading security printing and serialised product management specialist.  It provides telecom cards, secure print products, fulfiment, logistics and supply chain management services.

Core offering for telcoms
Workz provides mobile subscriber products and solutions including telecom cards, packaging, logistics, applications and remote provisioning services.

Founded in: 1997
MENA HQ: Dubai Production City, UAE
Serving: over 60 telcos in 40 plus countries

Recent launches

New scratch card developments include scratch & win games on recharge cards, a Quick top-up app and Macwhite security panels.  New SIM developments include all-in-one packaging and 3-in-1 repluggable quarter SIM which allows operators to notably reduce subscriber registration costs.

Workz development solutions include newly launches SIM operating system Z-OS and a new remote provisioning server, Z-OTA.  The production upgrades have resulted in increased capacity, quality and security in the form of inline data verification and artwork checking.

Latest buzz

Workz’ three most important development include increased production output, new product development and a number of new clients.  It has also increased the number of products manufactured in Dubai.  These developments provided greater efficiencies and increased production capacity to 2.2. billion cards per year.  In addition, Workz has grown from 200 to 250 full-time staff.


Workz specialises in serialised product manufacturing, product management and remote provisioning.  Its vision is to migrate from card manufacturing to big data activations, high security distribution and telemetry networks in the rapidly developing IOT world.

Its best seller came from listening to its customer when they asked for a full-service regional solution providing the highest quality product with the best time-to-market and the lowest prices.  This continues to attract more and more new operators to the vendor.

Support backbone

Workz sales and customer support teams consist of twenty-one subject matter experts who provide a consultative approach and optimise solutions according to customer needs.

It also provides technical support, product design, software development and engineering support. Furthermore, it uses online solutions for reporting and tracking, plus easy-to-use online artwork and data approval management systems.

Workz logistics post-sales solutions include door-to-door delivery, real-time tracking, demand planning and forecasting services.  Workz also offers a comprehensive warranty and an ISO 9001 certified complaint management system.

Looking ahead

The aim of Workz is to develop bigger, better, faster production capabilities that offer clients increased cost savings, reduces time-to-market and adds more value.  It is targeting an annual revenue of US$ 35+ million.

We are committed to providing customers with higher-quality products, fastest time to market and the lowest price.Rob Varty, Head of Sales, Workz Group

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