Cloud eSIM Leader, Workz: Latest in eSIM – Sept 2023

The world’s best selling eSIM device, Apple’s iPhone

Apple launched the new iPhone 15 last week with a brand-new USB-C port in line with EU regulations (if you haven’t seen it yet here’s CNET’s quick roundup). Last year, Apple started its migration to eSIM-only devices by removing the physical SIM tray in its iPhone 14 for the US market. It had been heavily rumoured that Apple would continue this move by introducing eSIM-only devices to more markets this month, however, this seems to have been put on hold, at least for now, as it focuses on moving to the new power port instead.

Nevertheless, the increasing uptick in eSIM adoption shows no signs of slowing with the GSMA estimating that 1 in every 3 phones will be eSIM by 2025. This will be aided by both Samsung and Google introducing new eSIM transfer services this year that will make it even easier for users to switch to eSIM. Even if eSIM devices do not currently make up the lion’s share of devices of your market you will still have a host of business travellers, tourists, and grey import users wanting to connect to your network via eSIM.

With the above in mind, telcos can take advantage of this opportunity with Workz’s award-winning cloud eSIM platform that requires no equipment to purchase and instantly gets you up and running in the cloud. Whether moving directly to commercial launch or a free trial period, Workz offers a fast-track and hassle-free process with no integration required.

As part of Workz’s cloud offering, you will also get access to Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) system that will enable you to manage and grow your sales channels for years to come and bridge the gap into next-generation eSIM IoT. Even if you have a standard eSIM platform in place, as the number of eSIM subscribers, sales channels, and opportunities increase now is the time to upgrade to MeSH so that you can manage and serve your base better.

For further market insights or a demonstration of what Counterpoint Research has heralded as the most comprehensive eSIM solution available, and how it can enhance your eSIM management, contact us today.

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