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We are seeing a clear evolution of the eSIM ecosystem as the new form factor and remote provisioning steadily yield more and more channel partners for telcos, such as MVNXs (MVNOs, MVNAs, MVNEs), OEMs, and enterprises. According to Counterpoint Research, 14 billion eSIM devices will have entered the market between 2020 and 2030.

Furthermore, following the introduction of the GSMA’s new eSIM standard for IoT earlier this year, Juniper estimates that by 2027 over 70% of eSIM connections will be made up of a range of new IoT devices such as asset trackers, smart meters, drones, and electric scooters.

This influx of device types and channels means not only more profiles but also more profile types, greater inventory, and increased order cycles, creating a fresh set of challenges for telcos. Telcos will need a solution to manage these new variables both for now and as they develop in the future.

Let’s look at seven key factors telcos should consider to overcome these new market challenges and achieve eSIM success: 

1. Channel management

With the surge in eSIM adoption, new entrants are emerging in the connectivity arena, and these are commonly smaller entities and sector specialists. According to GSMA Intelligence, at the end of 2022, there were around 2,000 MVNXs globally and at least 300 more planning to launch services “soon.” For example, entrants into the travel market, such as Holafly and Airalo, have created a new segment of providers with a focus on the software that enables the user activation process. These new players represent a great opportunity for telcos to gather revenue from new sectors as well as old sectors previously deemed unprofitable.

Increasing eSIM sales channels

Increasing eSIM sales channels | Workz

Workz provides a unified platform for telcos to efficiently manage their growing eSIM channel partners. With its self-care feature, telcos have the convenience of their sales channels being able to manage their own profiles thus freeing the telco of heavy administration and accelerating both channel partner and customer onboarding.

2. Profile development

With the sharp uptick of devices expected to enter the market by 2030, from smartphones, watches, laptops, and consumer IoT devices (such as smart cameras, and drones), there will be a need to create a greater range of profile types to cater for the diversity of devices.

Workz’s Profile Wizard provides automated profile creation that dramatically cuts time and associated costs. With the process of profile creation, testing, approval, version control, and archiving all being managed online, reliability is increased, and the chance of error is reduced.

3. Profile management

Workz enables you, your sales channels and enterprise clients to easily manage all your eSIM profile types, whether individually or in bulk, through their entire lifecycle. This includes approvals, activations, and archiving along with enhanced insight on users and the device type for each profile and reports on all your profile activities. The module also allows you to set automatic distribution ratios between channels, and pre-assign specific profiles for devices based on parameters such as the mobile country code.

4. Order management

With 98% of global mobile operators planning to offer eSIM by 2025, Kaleido Intelligence estimates a considerable portion of market activity will be due to the growing demands of travel eSIM.

Telcos’ challenge of anticipating inventory requirements and managing lead times to avoid stockouts is one of their most critical. This challenge is amplified when dealing with the new fragmentation of needs, and even more so when you consider fluctuating seasonal demands and shorter or temporary users like travellers. Current profile ordering processes, which may have been sufficient previously, are likely to be found cumbersome and inefficient and will require a more agile and responsive approach to traditional profile management.

Managing inventory across more channels and profile types

Profile inventory | Workz

Workz provides real-time inventory tracking meaning telcos can receive automated alerts with top-up recommendations based on their current burn rates enabling them to quickly replenish channels and minimise the risk of stock-outs.

5. Profile delivery

Intelligent profile delivery increases reliability and saves administration time as by automatically identifing the correct profile to be downloaded based on the device and it’s eUICC capabilities. In the case of a subscriber attempting to download an eSIM profile to a 5G-capable phone, the system will automatically detect the device’s capabilities and dynamically generate the correct 5G profile based on your defined rules. In the event the device does not support 5G, an alternative predefined profile such as a 4G profile would be delivered.

Managing eSIM activation across different devices

Profile delivery | Workz

Workz enables telcos to automatically match profiles based on the device and eUICC for optimal activation. For instance, a 5G-capable device triggers the delivery of an appropriate 5G profile, while a non-5G device receives a suitable alternative. This tool also allows on-demand customisation of the profile template and telcos can alter profile values in real time, enabling changes to the profile before it is downloaded, such as altering the network name.

In addition, Workz allows telcos to easily manage points of sale with the ability to print or email activation codes to subscribers directly from the system without the need for integration into backend systems.

6. Profile Value-Added Services (VAS)

With the number and variety of eSIM channel partners entering the market with different business models and requirements, the test for telcos will be how to support them all. Workz’s Profile Value-Added Services (VAS) include a range of SIM applets and OTA capabilities to provide a fully workable solution that can be customised to fulfil any requirement.

7. IoT remote manager

Juniper Research predicts a 900% increase in eSIM IoT connections entering the enterprise market by 2026. While this will open new growth verticals for telcos, they will need to handle the increasing volume of devices as well as their different remote management requirements. Workz’s IoT Remote Manager facilitates push and pull commands of IoT devices at a massive scale, supporting a wide range of device types including those constrained by power or no user interface.

If telcos can address these seven areas, they will be able to save time, administration, and resources while successfully managing market changes.

Hailed by Counterpoint Research as offering the most complete eSIM solution, Workz enables telcos to make the most of the new opportunities presented by this market growth. In addition to a cloud-based remote SIM provision platform and multi-tenant capabilities, Workz offers an optional cloud entitlement to activate subscriptions for companion devices, and the production and personalisation of embedded SIM modules for all IoT usage scenarios, as well eKYC and discovery services.

For further insights or a demonstration of the most comprehensive eSIM solution available, and how Workz can enhance your eSIM management, reach out today.

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