Workz sees accelerated global demand for eSIM

Remote SIM provisioning testing by Workz Group technician

SIM provider believes new technology will reach global adoption by 2020

Mobile & IoT solutions provider, Workz Group has announced the successful deployment of embedded SIM technology across five continents within the last five months. Since first introducing its eSIM offering last September, the company has partnered with mobile network operators, device manufacturers, integrators and government bodies launching across North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East a wide range of initiatives with the next-generation SIM technology across the consumer device, automotive and energy sectors.

eSIM technology in connected devices such as smartwatches, cars, and smart meters is expected to provide enhanced insight, efficiency and flexibility leading to greater revenue opportunities for businesses. As one of only six certified eSIM providers in the world and the first in the Middle East and Africa, Workz offers the manufacture and remote Over-The-Air management of embedded SIMs to a growing range of connected devices which include the iPhone XR/S, Google Pixel 4 and Hyundai Venue.

Markets and Markets estimate the eSIM industry to be worth $1 billion by 2023 and Workz expects the technology, which is currently available in only 25 countries, to be widely adopted by 2020. This belief is founded by the fact that the company has completed a host of successful trials with clients in countries where eSIM technology is still in the process of being approved by the national regulatory bodies.

Since the launch of the latest iPhone with eSIM, people’s imagination has become a realisation. Across Q4 and Q1, our team has launched projects in four continents – and this will soon become five. What is most fascinating is both the speed and pervasiveness at which eSIM is been deployed across sectors. In the past few months, we have supplied the technology to global device manufacturers, government smart city projects and several telecom operators around the world. We have also conducted a number of successful trials in countries where eSIM is not yet active, but the national regulation is expected to be finalised shortly. This means as soon as these places get the green light from the authorities, there’s a host of players in these markets ready to go live immediately. Tor Malmros, co-CEO, Workz 

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