What’s new in MeSH 1.8 and ready for your eSIM platform

Multi-tenant eSIM Hub by Workz the first open eSIM management solution

Workz continues to give you the competitive advantage in eSIM management with further developments to our Multi-tenant eSIM Hub aka MeSH. The plug-and-play overlay system unlocks your current eSIM platform to enable multiple vendor systems and sales channels to be easily managed from one place. 

Here’s a look at our newest features available in Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH), version 1.8.

Enhanced user insight

Gain greater insight into users’ devices by viewing the device type and model associated with each eUICC profile.

Inventory status graph

View your entire profile inventory by status with a visual breakdown by availability, released, downloaded, pre-released, deleted, disabled. etc.

Improved profile filter

Enjoy an improved search experience with a filter to segregate profiles by status, type, ICCID, eID, IMSI or IMEI.

Shareable custom report

Download and share your customised profile dashboard as a PDF file.

Expanded visualisation

Visualise more of your data with an expanded display to create multiple views of a graph type by different variables e.g. daily and weekly.

Customise SM-DS on-demand

Customise the SM-DS for a profile on-demand by selecting from a choice of multiple SM-DS addresses options.

Profiles ready alert

Receive an automatic email alert once your requested batch of profiles is ready for download.

Changes record

See which profile metadata has been customised with a record of all updates to the network name (SPN), country (MCC) or MNO code (MNC) etc.

To learn more about how MeSH can enhance your eSIM platform, check our new MeSH features video.

Unlock your eSIM platform with Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH)

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