Technical Advisory #23: Samsung global SIM module shortage

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Samsung has announced, that owing to the increase in demand for specific non-telecom products along with the trade war after effect (US/China), there is a global 8” wafer fabrication capacity shortage that will affect telecom SIM wafers in 2021. This shortage has already had an effect and will continue through the first half of the year. Samsung foresees the situation is highly likely to carry over to the second half of 2021.


The following modules are affected in this global shortage and there are no allocations currently available:

  • S3M228A – End Of Life announced with last orders mid-2021 but it is highly unlikely there will be any further allocations. 
  • S3FW9FG 
  • S3FW9FV


Workz has secured a supply of alternative modules to replace Samsung modules. Our Sales and Technical Support Service teams can assist you with specific available products.

Workz strongly recommends that all customers switch to the alternative available chips immediately (if not already done) to continue the supply of SIM products to your end customers.

Lead-times for all modules are expected to increase (8-15 weeks) depending on the module. We recommend that you place orders well in advance with multiple call-offs.

Pricing will increase across all modules and brands. We anticipate this to be 15-20% but may vary depending on module and brand. Any changes will be advised upon order enquiry. Prices will be fixed for all orders that are confirmed.

Further information 

For additional reading on Samsung’s module shortage, visit

For more details on alternative SIM module solutions, please contact your account manager. 

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