How can operators take advantage of the entitlement server?

Consumer eSIM provisioning solution - Entitlement platform | Workz Group
The entitlement server allows Over-The-Air configuration of operators’ service settings on a device. Here we look at the implications of this technology.

Capitalise on the increasing number of mobile devices

With the number and type of cellular IoT connections expected to grow in the next few years, operators will soon need to manage many more connections and their related settings.

Number of cellular-connected devices worldwide 

QoS monitoring - Cellular IoT connections market | Workz Group

Source: Statista

Increase ARPU by connecting a new generation of devices

The entitlement server will enable operators to increase revenue by offering new services like multi-SIM and provisioning companion devices such as smart watches, smart glasses, laptops and trackers. 

Consumer eSIM devices - Entitlement platform | Workz Group

Improve Quality of Experience for your customers

A device entitlement server offers MNOs and MVNOs the ability to provide advanced management of services such as VoLTE and VoWiFi therefore providing better quality of service, reducing subscriber churn and making traffic management more efficient.
Improve Quality of Experience with entitlement server | Workz Group

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