How is security printing changing?

Scratch card and packaging artwork verification at printing facility by Workz Group

In this interview, Malcolm Keightley, Head of Factory Operations talks about the cutting edge technology that is revolutionising telecoms and the security printing industry.

What’s key in secure printing?

The key is in getting the groundwork right, getting the basics right so if you start with a firm foundation then you have something to build on.  It’s about buying the right equipment, it’s about making sure that you have got the right systems in place, operating practices that are robust and make sure that we do the same thing in the same way every time but I think most importantly it’s about the people and basically trying to surround yourself with excellent people.

What’s your latest investment?

It touches all areas from the QC lab equipment, we’ve just brought a new tester for overscratch performance.  We, actually, brought our ink mixing in-house because we found that we can control the quality of the product.  The data printer was upgraded, that was a quantum step in terms of the print quality of the PIN variable data.  On top of that, we have, actually, had a new artwork verification system which checks the quality of the print on the back and front of the card, that will check down to a few microns in terms of print issues.  Also the security, we have just installed a whole new security system, we have new cameras covering all aspects of the process from warehousing through to finished product.

The evolution

The product is evolving, we are seeing less customer complaints, I think we have less issues and on the back of the feedback we get from the customer we then build that into the next generation of the product we put out on the market.

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