Enjoy instant eSIM profiles with Workz Cloud eSIM

Workz’s Cloud eSIM online allows operators to instantly create eSIM profiles

The upcoming Workz Cloud eSIM 2.1 release will go live on 26th January and will significantly enhance your online order management with automated profile creation, user activation, security, and greater insight.

Create new profiles in seconds

eSIM online ordering and inventory management with Workz cloud eSIM simplifies eSIM management for telcos

Instant online ordering with automated profile creation

Rolling out new eSIM profiles has been significantly simplified with our new online ordering and automated profile generation features. With online ordering, you can now call off profile batches from existing orders using pre-approved profile types. Workz’s Profile Wizard automatically validates input files and creates the required volumes of an approved profile type. Once generated, it immediately provisions the profiles to the SM-DP+ ready for use.

Brand your activation codes

Workz’s Cloud eSIM enables operators to add their logo to their eSIM activation codes

Increased activation options

QR code generation is now fully customisable, allowing you to personalise them with your logo, further improving your brand presence. We have also separated QR code generation from product release, meaning you can generate QR codes even after a batch of profiles is released, giving you greater control over the generation process. Lastly, we have renamed “PDF templates” to “QR code templates” to reflect its functionality better.

Authorised email domains

Workz’s Cloud eSIM offers high security by allowing operators to restrict access to authorised email domains only

Improved security

We’ve implemented email domain restrictions to increase security, allowing you to set up authorised domains at the tenant level, ensuring only authorised users can access your data.

Greater insight

Additionally, we’ve made it easier to view your data. First, we’ve introduced an “all tenants” view, which offers a comprehensive overview of all orders across all your customers, with options to filter the data by date, profile type, and so forth. Second, you now have the option to view the product page as a drawer or as a new tab to allow for head-to-head comparisons of different products.

This update will go live on 17th January for all Workz Cloud eSIM and MeSH users and is part of our continually evolving Cloud eSIM PaaS solution. If you’d like to learn how to get the most out of your eSIM platform, arrange a Workz Cloud eSIM demo today by reaching out using the contact button below.

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