6 reasons why operators should offer eSIM subscriptions now

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eSIM technology is projected to grow by nearly 500% within the next few years. Here’s why operators should establish themselves in this market now to maximise the opportunity:  

Forecasted sales revenue from eSIM devices | Workz Group

Forecasted sales revenue from eSIM devices highlighting the projected explosion of new devices in the market

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1. High-ARPU

Capture high spending eSIM device owners to enrich operators’ average revenue per user.

eSIM solutions - Consumer eSIM devices | Workz Group

Some of the latest eSIM devices currently available from leading device manufacturers. Top row L-R: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Gear S2, Motorola Razr. Second row L-R: Land Rover Defender, Microsoft Surface Pro, Huawei P40 Pro.

2. Remove time and cost

Eliminate SIM card manufacturing and distribution costs with an enhanced digital eSIM activation process.

Consumer eSIM solutions from Workz Group
Digitise your subscriber activation

3. New channels

Enable new distribution models for devices and for marketing of subscriptions.

eSIM activation and new device subscriptions | Workz Group

Subscriptions for multiple devicesonline eSIM activation

4. Expand business

Grow mobile subscriptions from just smartphone devices into emerging markets such as wearables, automotive and healthcare.  

eSIM devices in the market | Workz Group

Take advantage of the growth of eSIM-enabled devices 

5. Market leader

Reinforce your public perception as a market leader who brings new products to market and continues to increase the quality of service for subscribers thereby creating stronger loyalty amongst users. 

Provide eSIM technology to the masses | Workz Group

Be an industry front runner by offering this next generation SIM technology

6. New roaming revenues

Increase revenue from in-country travellers through an easy-to-use digital activation process.

Wake up silent roamers with eSIM technology | Workz Group

Wake up silent roamers who were once faced with an inconvenient registration process that involved locating a Point-of-Sale (POS) outlet in a foreign environment and language.

Establish yourself in this growing market today with one of only six GSM Acertified full eSIM providers.

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