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OTA solutions and SIM Solutions, Z-OTA most affordable by Workz

Z-OTA makes Over-The-Air management of subscriber SIMs more accessible through innovative new payment plans.

Workz Group, the telecoms subscriber products manufacturer, and serialized software specialists has, today, officially launched Z-OTA, a competitive and highly flexible Over-The-Air (OTA) platform and value-added service (VAS).  The advanced solution enables mobile network operators to remotely update their subscribers’ SIMs in the market and introduce new services without having to physically configure the card itself.

With the proliferation of LTE and introduction of 5G, operators now have the opportunity to offer more advanced services on the subscribers’ SIM card.  OTA services allow operators to take advantage of this potential, however, not many operators use the service or have one with LTE capability due to the capital expenditure involved in installing or upgrading an OTA system.  To address this, Workz has introduced flexible pay-as-you-go and per campaign or SIM payment plans making OTA services more accessible to operators.  The non-proprietary or open system will give greater flexibility to the operator when selecting SIM card vendors and provide easy hosting solutions that include cloud, dedicated secure server, and self-hosting options with the choice of self-management or a managed service.

The Z-OTA platform offers a range of applications that allow the remote management of value-added services on the SIM which include Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management, push notifications and management of a Dynamic SIM Tool Kit.

Remote File Management (RFM) helps operators update the SIM services such as service provider name, preferred roaming carriers, SMS service centre number, etc.  Remote Applet Management (RAM) allows operators to manage the applications on the SIM card such as the backup of contact information.  Push notifications enable an operator or third-party advertising messages to be sent to the user’s phone, and the Dynamic SIM Tool Kit allows remote management of content for information-on-demand services such as news, ringtones, etc.

The early adopters of Workz’ Z-OTA service are multi-national mobile brands from the Middle East and Africa.  These operators are employing solutions such as customising preferred network name on the screen to a specific plan or even a user’s personal name.  Z-OTA can also be used for promotional activities wherein retailers can provide discounts based on subscribers’ location through well-timed push messages.

As part of our long-term IoT strategy we’ve invested in our Z-OTA platform. With the explosion of connected devices, we’re continuously investing in our remote provisioning and routing to help operators, device manufacturers and service providers remotely update their devices. We’re in a good position to take advantage of IoT developments by offering the strongest, most innovative and most reliable solutions. We’re currently working with some of the region’s leading operators on pioneering new Over-The-Air projects and we’re very excited by what they will allow the operator to do.Brad Taylor, CEO, Workz Group

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