Where we see ourselves 10 years from now

eSIM provider, Workz Group's Senior Management Team

Mobile & IoT solutions provider, Workz Group's Managing Director of Americas, Brad Taylor

 Brad Taylor, co-CEO

Our vision in the Internet of Everything. I’ve always thought the mobile industry is a fascinating sector to be involved in – after all, it’s the primary reason I chose to join it in the first place.  With the advent of IoT, embedded SIM, and eUICC remote SIM provisioning driving smart metering, asset tracking, big data, connected cars, and smart cities it seems like we’re going through more change than ever before.  As a result, I thought it was a good time to let people know where Workz are heading as a company, where we see ourselves in this world. After all, a focus is vital for success and I believe it’s also important to communicate this to not only our team but our partners and clients as well so they can understand how we see our role developing in the Internet of Everything.  I guess some people would call this a vision.

Workz believes the implementation of the Internet of Everything will drive the telecoms industry for the next 10 years. Implementation of new network capabilities like 5G and NB-IOT will play an important role in the timing of these developments.

The rollout of these solutions will be facilitated by the addition of a new ecosystem of manufacturers, integrators, service providers and enterprises, as well as existing suppliers, that will use new and existing communications networks to provide real-time telemetry and device management.

Our goal is to be a global player in the Internet of Everything ecosystem driving the secure deployment of smart devices and IoT applications faster and easier than ever before with reduced implementation times and increased interoperability supported by GSMA standardization.

With onsite, cloud and hybrid solutions available, Workz believes that scalable remote SIM provisioning (RSP) solutions, IoT device management platforms and eSIM OS will enable the implementation of wide-ranging feature-rich applications, some with deep learning capabilities, that will generate new revenue streams. Harnessing the value of our team and strategic high-quality IoT partnerships, Workz will be able to deliver best-of-breed solutions for eSIM OS, remote SIM provisioning and IOT device management which are network and device agnostic, globally available, highly secure, and affordable. As my team know, we are working very hard to lay strong foundations to make this vision a reality and I have every faith in our team, partners and clients that together we will be successful.

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