Environmental policy

SIM card, scratch card manufacturing eco-measures

Our aim is to proactively reduce the impact that our activities have on the environment without compromising the service and quality we provide to the customer, meeting all our customers’ requirements and expectations. We are fully compliant with all environmental regulation. As a SIM and scratch card manufacturer, we place emphasis on the below elements to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment and encourage others to do the same:

  • Eco-printing
  • Effective waste management
  • Optimised freight management
  • Reduction of plastic
  • Overall reduction of environmental pollution or harm to wildlife

Eco Printing:

We follow environmentally sustainable practices for all SIM and scratch card printing. This approach aims to eliminate or reduce the environmental hazards (footprint) of our entire production process.

Effective waste management:

We are continually working to improve our process by reducing the wastage, in terms of raw materials and energy, and seeking more environmentally sustainable raw materials. As part of the continual improvement, waste is reducing by:

  • Re-use of materials like ink, films, boards, papers, plastic
  • Reduction of waste by standardizing the process
  • Recycled production waste
  • Optimizing the packing specification
  • Responsible and efficient use of equipment and materials

Optimised freight management to reduce carbon footprint

Changing the air freight mode of transport to sea freight or land freight not only saves costs but reduces the CO2 footprint by an average of 90%. Another way of freight optimisation is the reduction of ‘empty space’ inside shipping containers i.e. full utilisation of allocated shipping space. We work with clients to ensure optimised freight solutions to all our shipments where such options are available. We plan purchases to allow longer lead times and use eco-friendly modes of transport and heavily encourage clients to do the same. In addition, we aim to procure closer to the market wherever possible.

Reduction of plastic

Our team applies continuous effort to reduce the use of plastic components by:

  • Removing plastic packaging options from our product offering
  • Encouraging customers to remove plastic entirely or (where this is not possible) procure less plastic
  • Replacing plastic components such as shrink-wrap, plastic stickers and polypropylene or PVC cases with bio-degradable options
  • Removing plastic wrapping from inner transportation boxes
  • Offering more bio-degradable or “digital” administrative solutions

Reduction in environmental pollution:

Pollution control is one of the main aspects for Workz, as a SIM and scratch card supplier to maintain an eco-friendly environment inside and outside the premise. Below are the controls we take to reduce pollution:

  • Checking noise levels through sound monitoring and adding mechanical controls where possible.
  • A dust collector is used in the process to reduce the level of dust in the work environment to within acceptable standard PPM
  • Ontime shredding of printed board, waste and waste removal to reduce the risk of fire and hazards due to poor housekeeping.
  • Training will be provided to all staff in the use of appropriate PPE but all efforts are made to reduce the necessity for the use of protective equipment.


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