Why the future of eSIM management for MNOs is hybrid

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After making waves in the telecoms sector, eSIM technology is now a reality that’s transforming consumer devices and fuelling innovative M2M and IoT use cases. For MNOs, the transition from plastic SIM cards to eSIMs represents a tremendous opportunity, estimated to be worth nearly $1 billion by 2023.

Serving both eSIM segments

To fully capitalise on this opportunity, MNOs need to serve both consumer and M2M customers. Because these two eSIM segments are documented in two separate sets of GSMA’s technical specifications — the consumer and the M2M — traditional eSIM management solutions are not able to remotely provision all current and future eSIM devices with one low cost, fast setup.

The evolution of eSIM management from dual to hybrid
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Hybrid eSIM management bridges the gap between the two eSIM segments by providing the next generation of remote SIM provisioning platform with support for multiple use cases across consumer and M2M/IoT verticals alike. Workz Group is the first and only mobile solutions provider in the market to offer this highly time- and cost-efficient solution, sold as one turnkey offering.

MNOs can choose between GSMA-certified cloud platform hosting that uses a pay-as-you-grow model requiring no large upfront investment, and multi-tenancy capable onsite setup that can be GSMA SAS-certified in just 6 months with the Workz fast-track process. The onsite setup ensures compliance with data protection laws that prohibit data from crossing the border of the country in which the data originates.   

MNO hosting options to manage eSIM devices
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Benefits of hybrid eSIM management 

The benefits of the Workz hybrid eSIM management solution stem from its ability to provide the MNO with a single solution providing over-the-air update capabilities that allow remote management of subscriptions on all eSIM devices across both consumer and M2M/IoT verticals.

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The obvious benefit of remote SIM provisioning of consumer and M2M devices using a single hybrid eSIM management solution is cost-efficiency. Since there’s only one project to complete and one technology to implement and maintain, MNOs can greatly reduce their OPEX and CAPEX. The saved costs can be used to realise new projects, strengthen existing products, and improve competitive advantage.

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Deployment speed

With just a single solution to implement, the deployment speed of the hybrid eSIM management solution can exceed expectations regardless of whether it’s deployed in the cloud or onsite. In fact, getting a hosted onsite platform GSMA SAS-certified is faster than most MNOs initially predict since it can take as few as six months to get from project inception to completion.

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Security and interoperability

Workz is one of only six eSIM providers in the world to be certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for secure UICC Production (SAS-UP) and Subscription Management (SAS-SM) across the consumer and M2M sectors. Thanks to this certification, the Workz hybrid eSIM management solution can provide MNOs the security and interoperability they need to fully realise the potential of eSIM technology.

Getting started with hybrid eSIM management

At Workz, we’ve made it simple for MNOs to get started with hybrid eSIM management and enjoy the numerous benefits of the first and only 2-in-1 solution in the market for both consumer and M2M devices. To take full advantage of the growing eSIM opportunity and gain the ability to connect today’s and tomorrow’s eSIM devices, contact us now.

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