Overcoming challenges in eSIM management with Workz MeSH

The increasing number of eSIM subscriptions in the market
MNOs are competing to secure their share of the rapidly growing eSIM market, which is estimated by Counterpoint Research to grow from 1 billion devices in 2020 to more than 6 billion by 2025.

The eSIM opportunity

Info graphic depicting 6 billion different devices that will use eSIM by 2025 | Workz Group

“Around 20% of the smartphones sold in Q1 2021 were eSIM capable, led by Apple. Similarly, close to 14% of the smartwatches shipped in Q1 2021 were eSIM capable. The eSIM penetration in the IoT market is growing steadily as well.”
Ankit Malhotra, Counterpoint Analyst

Knowing that it takes the whole orchestra to play a symphony, why can MNOs not collaborate with multiple partners such vendors and vertical specialists to capture as many existing and future opportunities in the eSIM market as possible. The problem is that they can’t because most current eSIM platforms operate as closed systems, also known as walled gardens.

The walled garden model contrasts with various multi-vendor procurement strategies MNOs use for their traditional products such as SIM cards and scratch cards. Such strategies helped ensure competitiveness and provided strategically important business redundancy.

Challenges of traditional eSIM management

Infographic depicting the challenges of traditional eSIM management that mobile operators face | Workz Group

The only way for MNOs to enjoy the same benefits with their current eSIM platforms is to accept costly platform duplication to provide multiple tenant capabilities—basically locking each partner into its own walled garden which could be managed by the same or different vendor but without interoperability across the two. In a situation like that, a single software glitch or connectivity issue could make network profiles inaccessible and result in an instant loss of business as users choose an alternative provider for subscription activation.

Fortunately, MNOs don’t have to settle for a restricted eSIM platform, which is likely to cause issues down the road as the number of eSIM subscribers turns from thousands to millions, because Workz has launched the first multi-partner eSIM solution, Multi eSIM Hub (MeSH).

Unlock your eSIM platform

“Today’s eSIM platforms require telcos to make a heavy capital investment but are highly restrictive in terms of additional tenants and systems integration. MeSH offers the next generation of eSIM management where MNOs can unlock new possibilities and get far more return from their current platform.”
Tor Malmros, Group CEO

More specifically, MeSH makes it easy for MNOs to dynamically add multiple tenants, platforms, sites, or sales channels without the extra time and cost associated with setting up additional systems. The solution provides a single pane of glass with consolidated billing, reporting, as well as real-time monitoring. What’s more, it guarantees that each tenant’s data is fully protected by adhering to GSMA security protocols.

Because MeSH is a platform-agnostic multi-tenant eSIM solution, MNOs can use it to improve competitiveness, business continuity, and geo-redundancy by extending their multi-vendor procurement strategy and utilizing more than one vendor’s eSIM platform.

Workz designed MeSH as a plug-and-play system that can be effortlessly integrated with its other products, including Z-Entitlement, an entitlement server compliant with all Android and Apple specifications related to the provisioning of companion eSIM devices, such as the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

MNOs interested in the benefits of this first-to-market multi-partner eSIM solution can choose between a cloud setup through Workz’ datacentres (Dubai, Paris and Virginia, USA) and onsite deployment, with both options comprising of GSMA SAS-certified hosted site and software.

Hosting options to manage your eSIM subscriptions

Workz Group’s GSMA certified hosting options for mobile operators to manage eSIM subscriptions | Workz Group
Now that the world’s first open eSIM platform is here, there’s nothing stopping MNOs from going full throttle to secure their share of the eSIM market. By making MeSH their eSIM platform of choice, operators get to enjoy the benefits associated with a user-orientated, future-proof, interoperable system. If you’d like to learn more about Workz Multi eSIM Hub, then hit the contact button at the bottom of the page.

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