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eSIM provider, Workz Group's CEO, Stephane Fund speaks on digitization

Just over a year ago, Apple made eSIM a mass-market technology with the launch of their first eSIM-enabled product range and continue to heavily promote it through its latest launches this autumn. To help our customers capture the tremendous potential of this technology for both Apple and Android devices, we launched our eSIM solution in September of last year and, in the proceeding twelve months, have successfully delivered it across North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. As we provide this next-generation SIM technology to operators, device manufacturers and IoT integrators, security continues to be our top priority. To reinforce this point, I am pleased to inform you that we continue to add to our security accreditations and are now the first in the Middle East and Africa and one of only six in the world to be GSMA-certified for the secure management of the full eSIM lifecycle from manufacturing, data generation and personalisation to remote SIM provisioning. 

Also this year, we have continued to develop our on-the-ground support to our growing client base by expanding our global network with offices opening in the US and West Africa. As part of a constant focus on providing future-ready IoT solutions, we have also announced our global corporate headquarters opening in Arklow, Ireland that houses our management, technical solutions and support teams.

For 2020, we aim to continue to help our customers digitize their offering and realise new IoT revenue opportunities such as in-country roaming for eSIM subscribers, connectivity for the growing number of IoT devices, and the ability to become a full-service IoT provider for enterprises. We can support every step of the way.

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to achieving milestones together. In the meanwhile, if you’d like to have a chat or give us any feedback, feel free to reach out. 

Best regards
Stéphane Fund, Workz Group CEO

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