Workz cloud eSIM surpasses 100 telcos

A cloud used by over 100 telcos is superimposed over a map of the world | Workz

Dubai: Workz, which specialises in cloud-based subscriber solutions for mobile network operators (MNOs), has announced today it has reached over 100 partner telcos on its latest cloud eSIM platform across its three sites in the Americas, Europe and Middle East. This milestone signifies a significant leap forward in eSIM adoption by operators and aligns with industry forecasts predicting the technology to be present in over 6 billion devices by 2025.

Workz’s cloud eSIM platform, lauded as an “important innovation” by Counterpoint Research, simplifies and streamlines eSIM orchestration of consumer and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Its features include instant online ordering, automated profile creation, multi-channel management, automation of tasks, and branded activation codes.

The growing diversity of eSIM devices, sales channels, and customers poses a challenge for MNOs/MVNOs/MVNAs in terms of resources and maintaining service reliability. Workz’s cloud eSIM platform allows operators to increase revenues by efficiently growing their sales channels and providing them with self-care capabilities. The system also offers real-time inventory management that eliminates the risk of service disruption due to product stock-outs with instant online ordering and proactive email alerts for low inventory levels. Workz’s automated eSIM profile creation and management also enables operators to reduce manual workloads and minimise errors.

2023 was a fantastic year for eSIM and Workz. The team has worked hard to support operators make the most of this growth opportunity in consumer and IoT markets. We are keen to continue this momentum in 2024 by delivering new features that allow our partners to evolve their business, add subscribers, save time, and increase reliability.

Tor Malmros, Group CEO 

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