Why should MNOs consider hybrid eSIM management?

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eSIM technology and their management platforms have evolved since the GSMA’s release of its first specification in 2016. Traditionally, to be able to manage eSIM devices across all sectors providers would need two different solutions to cover both the consumer and M2M sectors. Hybrid eSIM management is the next-generation of remote SIM provisioning. Here, we look at what this evolution means for mobile network operators.

How is eSIM affecting the telecoms market?  

According to the GSMA, the number of providers offering eSIM has increased 10-fold in just the last 18 months with eSIM subscriptions now available in over 60 countries worldwide and embedded with all new devices by leading manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

Hybrid eSIM management solution - eSIM is growing fast | Workz Group
Hybrid eSIM management solution - Future market opportunities| Workz Group

Why should MNOs make the most of eSIM now?

With more and more consumers choosing eSIM devices, operators have the opportunity to capture these new device owners from their very first eSIM activation …before they register with competitors.

Hybrid eSIM management solution - Why operators should have an eSIM offering now | Workz Group

Why choose a certified eSIM provider?

Establish yourself in this fast-expanding market of mobile connected consumer & M2M eSIM devices. As one of only six complete eSIM providers in the world certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for the complete eSIM lifecycle across consumer & M2M sectors, let Workz help you deploy secure, interoperable and future-proof solutions.

Hybrid eSIM management solution - Why use a GSMA-certified solution | Workz Group

How can MNOs simplify eSIM management? 

Traditionally, eSIM subscription providers would need two different solutions to manage eSIM devices across both the ‘pull’ consumer and ‘push’ M2M models. This meant two project implementations, two systems to maintain and two sets of investment. Now, with a hybrid system, operators can support multiple use cases across all verticals – all in one system.

Hybrid eSIM management solution - Traditional eSIM management vs hybrid eSIM management | Workz Group

Why choose Workz?

Workz hybrid eSIM management solution is the future of remote SIM provisioning. It is the next-generation of provisioning platform supporting multiple use cases across both consumer and M2M/IoT verticals. With Workz you can simplify eSIM management with one solution, one fast, simplified project set up and one low-cost.

Hybrid eSIM management solution - Workz 2-in-1 hybrid eSIM management solution | Workz Group

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