Overcoming the limitations of traditional eSIM management

eSIM management dashboard for multiple devices

The growth of the eSIM market has been so strong that analysts estimate the eSIM market to reach $978.3 Million by 2023, at a CAGR of 31% between 2018 and 2023. To take advantage of the opportunity this growth represents, MNOs need to overcome the limitations of traditional eSIM management.

eSIM market growth

Bar graph showing the growth of the eSIM market between 2018 and 2023 as forecast by Counterpoint Research

The danger of walled gardens

For a long time, MNOs enjoyed the benefits of multi-vendor procurement strategies, such as improved competitiveness and greater business redundancy. The arrival of eSIM platforms, which are traditionally operated as walled gardens, changed that, limiting integrations with additional partner systems and leading to costly duplication of platforms to provide multiple tenant capabilities.

Toward an open eSIM ecosystem

In order to tear down the walled gardens so many MNOs have found themselves stuck in, an open ecosystem alternative capable of providing a single unifying solution to manage all systems and tenants is necessary. Workz’s Multi-tenant eSIM hub (MeSH) is this alternative, and it’s available as a cloud-based solution with regional hosting options in France, USA, and Dubai.

Image showing how an open ecosystem like the cloud-based Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) by Workz allows telcos to manage all tenants and systems in one place.

Benefits of Workz’s MeSH

MeSH offers a single interface with consolidated billing and reporting to manage all tenants (MVNOs, enterprises, resellers, etc.) and allow them to self-administrate their own eSIMs. Thanks to its platform-agnostic, interoperable nature, MeSH makes it easy to add multiple tenants, platforms, sites, or sales channels without extra implementation costs.

Multiple use cases for MeSH

Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH) can be used by everyone from MNO groups that operate across countries to telcos with multiple vendor systems, vertical specialists with several enterprise clients, and providers using various resellers (for example, supermarkets, airports, online retailers, etc.) to improve their competitiveness, business continuity, and geo-redundancy, among other things.

How does MeSH help?

Workz's Multi-tenant eSIM Hub can manage eSIM across multiple tenants, sales channels, platforms, and sites.

Plug-and-play implementation

Designed with ease of implementation in mind, MeSH is a plug-and-play system that easily integrates with other Workz products, including our cloud eSIM platform and Z-Entitlement, which is required to provision companion eSIM devices such as the Apple Watch. In adherence with GSMA security protocols, MeSH guarantees full security of each tenant’s data by server partitioning, ensuring tenants can only see their own data. 

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