What’s new in MeSH 1.7 and ready for your eSIM platform

Multi-tenant eSIM Hub by Workz for eSIM 2.0 management

Workz continues to give you the competitive advantage in eSIM management with further developments to our Multi-tenant eSIM Hub aka MeSH. The plug-and-play overlay system that unlocks your current eSIM platform to enable multiple vendor systems and sales channels to be easily managed from one place. 

Here’s a look at our newest features available in Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH), version 1.7.

Greater profile insight

Gain greater visibility on all profile data such as the maximum number of re-downloads available for a profile, its remaining download balance and re-use policy.

Profile balance tracking

Keep up to date with your latest profile balance with an automated weekly email alert that shows your remaining days’ worth of profiles based on current consumption rate.

On-demand personalisation

Customise profiles on-demand by redefining parameters and metadata values enabling changes such as network branding (SPN), roaming lists, and emergency calling codes.

Device blacklist

Block rogue or problematic devices, such as individual devices, models or categories using an eID number or range, from downloading profiles.

Online user guide

Learn how to get the most from MeSH with a comprehensive online guide to all features.

To learn more about how MeSH can enhance your eSIM platform, check our new MeSH features video.

Unlock your eSIM platform with Multi-tenant eSIM Hub (MeSH)

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