How cloud eSIM management helps accelerate telcos’ IoT roadmaps

Smart metre and mobile phone both managed via eSIM cloud
The number of consumer and machine-to-machine (M2M) eSIM devices is growing rapidly, projected to reach over two billion devices by 2025, according to the latest research from Counterpoint’s ETO (Emerging Technology Opportunities) Service. Mobile network operators (MNOs) are understandably looking for cost-efficient eSIM management solutions capable of delivering a strong return on investment (ROI). The anticipated introduction of the GSMA’s new standard for IoT devices early next year is expected to further propel this growth.

eSIM growth

Over two billion M2M eSIM devices expected by 2025 ALT tag: Chart illustrating growth of M2M eSIM devices between 2018 and 2025

The eSIM management challenge

A substantial number of Internet of Things (IoT) projects (30 percent according to Microsoft’s survey) stall at the proof-of-concept stage. The most common reasons why include the implementation becoming too expensive or the bottom-line benefits being unclear.

IoT project failure rate at concept stage

Infographic illustrating 30% IoT eSIM management project success rate
MNOs are especially at risk of not seeing their investments pay off because they have to manage eSIM devices using two solutions in accordance with the GSMA’s eSIM standards—one for M2M/IoT devices (industrial meters and sensors, cellular modules, and more) and one for consumer devices (smartphones, wearables, and other IoT consumer electronics).

eSIM management Consumer vs M2M

Infographics illustrating how eSIM management differs in consumer (pull) vs M2M (push) devices.

“The fundamental difference between the two GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning solutions is the direction of control. In the M2M solution, the mobile device normally operates without any local human control of connectivity. By contrast, the consumer solution requires that all subscription profile operations are under end user control, or at least subject to end user permission.”

GSMA, eSIM whitepaper

But what if the management of consumer and M2M/IoT eSIM devices could be combined on a single platform with one pricing model, one implementation, and one solution to maintain? The result would be a strong ROI, and that’s exactly why cloud-based hybrid eSIM management is the best choice for MNOs interesting in capturing the growing eSIM opportunity.

Cloud eSIM management is a smart choice

Understanding the challenge MNOs face when managing eSIM devices using two solutions, Workz is the first and only provider to offer a hybrid eSIM management platform covering both consumer and M2M/IoT devices.

The evolution of next-gen eSIM management

Illustration comparing traditional eSIM management platforms to Workz's all-in-one hybrid solution.

MNOs that choose to take advantage of this modern eSIM management solution get to work with only a single eSIM provider for the entire duration of the project, saving time and money that would otherwise have to be spent managing multiple parties.

In fact, Workz is one of only five providers that offer a complete end-to-end eSIM solution certified by the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS), ensuring interoperability, scalability, and future compatibility.

Workz hybrid eSIM management platform is available as a plug-and-play cloud platform with GSMA-SAS certification and additional multi-tenant capabilities to manage multiple vendors and enable multiple sales channels. All Workz solutions are regularly updated in line with global standards, our cloud eSIM management platform will be further expanded to encompass IoT devices to the new GSMA IoT standard SGP.31 when it is finalized next year.

Workz helps MNOs fast-track eSIM user onboarding with an OPEX-based cloud deployment that helps achieve lower implementation costs, and enjoy simpler management, and avoid implementation delays, making cloud eSIM management a smart and future-ready choice.

If you’d like to learn more about cloud eSIM management, please reach out to us using the form below.

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