eSIM 2.0 whitepaper: managing eSIM at scale

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The eSIM landscape and ecosystem are rapidly evolving and with them the challenges facing telcos, namely, how to manage increasing profile types and inventory, their sales channels, and order cycles. At Workz, we are developing our systems to help combat these challenges and capture the resulting opportunities.

With physical SIMs, most telcos would only have a few different profile types and they would typically only order SIM cards once a quarter. With eSIM, that has evolved to many different profile types, customised for end-users and several sales channels, including MVNOs and enterprises. In addition, subscribers are likely to have several profiles on their devices, driving up the number of profile types required. Workz currently serves many telcos with 100+ profile types and dozens of sales channels. In summary, there is a growing trend for more profile types, sales channels, and frequent ordering.

These challenges fall into three main categories:

  • Profile type management (over lifecycle)
  • Order management
  • Sales channel management

Global industry analysis firm Counterpoint Research in partnership with the world leader in cloud eSIM, Workz, look at these challenges in light of this changing landscape under the rapid growth of eSIM adoption. 

Read more about how Workz’s acclaimed cloud-based complete solution can enhance telcos’ management capabilities in the eSIM 2.0 era.

eSIM 2.0 whitepaper: managing eSIM at scale

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • eSIM 2.0: eSIM Growth and Opportunities
  • eSIM 2.0: Growing Telco Challenges
  • eSIM 2.0: Workz’s MeSH the Way Forward
  • eSIM 2.0: Key Takeaways
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