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According to Counterpoint, the number of eSIM devices is estimated to reach 2 billion within the next five years with 58%, 27% and 22% growth across wearables, utilities and automotive respectively. Here we take a look at the challenge MNOs face with implementation and management of mobile IoT devices along with a solution.

What’s the challenge?

In a recent survey, Microsoft reported that 30% of IoT projects stall at the PoC stage. Reasons included high cost of scaling and prototypes being unable to demonstrate a return on investment.
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How can MNOs get an eSIM project off the ground?

A key recommendation for MNOs is to work with a provider who can be their single point of contact for the entire project therefore saving time and resources managing various parties.

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What are the hosting options?

If operators need a plug-and-play, OPEX-friendly model for eSIM management, they can choose a cloud hosted solution. For those who need a multi-tenant platform to enable operations across various countries or require data to be hosted in country due to legal constraints, they can opt for an onsite option.

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What’s the solution for MNOs?

Since the development of the eSIM standardisation in 2016, operators have had to manage eSIM devices using two systems. However, with a hybrid eSIM management solution, MNOs can now support use cases across both the consumer and M2M sectors on a single system – meaning a single implementation and single cost. 

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Why Workz?

Workz Group is the first and only provider in the market to offer a hybrid eSIM management solution. Grow your IoT revenues and drive scalability across all sectors with Workz, one of only six complete eSIM providers in the world certified by the GSMA.
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