Entitlement server for network operators’ IoT revenues

eSIM activation on Apple Watch | Workz Group

Platform enables next-generation services and eSIM subscription activation

Mobile solutions provider, Workz Group today announced the launch of its entitlement server platform which will enable mobile network operators to remotely manage next-generation network services on the growing range of Apple and Android devices. The platform allows providers to manage traditional mobile devices as well as those in emerging sectors such as wearables and consumer electronics. The platform also enables operators to increase revenues through new subscriptions from eSIM devices such as the Apple Watch.

According to Statista, the number of cellular-connected devices is projected to increase to 5 billion by 2021 from 4 billion in 2019. The new Workz platform intends to address the subsequent rising need for providers to manage their service settings across this growing range of devices. The system also enables activation of new subscriptions from the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear and other companion devices with an embedded SIM.

In addition, the platform helps operators enhance the customer experience with new value-added services such as multi-SIM (allowing users to have a single number for all their devices) and higher-quality voice calls with VoLTE/VoWiFi and enhanced messaging with Rich Communication Services.

As consumers own more and more connected devices, the way service providers manage these settings will change from the device to an entitlement server. An entitlement server is a key building block in any operators’ IoT roadmap and with our budget-friendly, future-proof platform, new subscription opportunities can be created and a lot of the challenges around management of services on devices will soon be a thing of the past.
Tor Malmros, Group CEO 

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