Workz launches MEA’s first 5G SIM

SIM card supplier's example of 5G use - next-generation in-car entertainment | Workz Group

Mobile provider produces ready-to-deploy SIM to enable IoT initiatives

Mobile & IoT solutions provider, Workz Group has announced the launch of its 5G SIM card which will support the next generation of cellular mobile communications required to drive the Internet of Things. Catering to evolving cellular devices, Workz’ 5G SIM, compliant with the global standard of 3GPP and SIMalliance guidelines, are available in all form factors – removable, embedded and machine-to-machine (M2M) SIM.

Workz, which was recently recognised by the Nilson Report as one of the world’s top ten SIM providers, is the first manufacturer to produce 5G SIMs in the Middle East and Africa. The company has begun testing with mobile network operators in the region and will soon conduct trials in Europe and Asia.

Compared to the current 4G speed, downloads on 5G networks are expected to be 20 times faster with 100 times more capacity capable of serving over one million IoT devices per square kilometre. This will enable a host of new connected applications and capabilities to manage life-critical situations such as emergency services and autonomous driving as well as mission-critical instances such as smart manufacturing, energy and agriculture. 5G is currently being trialled in over 40 countries worldwide and is expected to reach 1.5 billion connections by 2024.

Our aim is to deliver ready-to-use, forward-looking technology to enable our customers to realise their IoT visions. With manufacturing facilities in Europe and Dubai, we can quickly provide 5G SIMs to support mobile network operators, device manufacturers and service providers for both proof-of-concept testing and commercial market-launch.
Tor Malmros, co-CEO, Workz 

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  1. Hi,

    Product(s) : 5G SIM cards and programming software

    Quantity : 100+

    Project details : developing 5G testbed for Govt of India.

    Objective of your request : Request for information, quotation ,Technical specification, technical support and information

  2. Any input parameter difference for programming 5G usim difference between standalone and non standard alone?
    I am asking using 4G USIM parameter whether its work in 5G standalone network.

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